Public Hearing – Proposed Routing Change

Proposed Routing Change To Route 622

The Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (County Connection) is proposing to change its Route 622, which operates one run per day on school days only. This proposal re-routes and adds a bus stop on the 622 to serve Tahiti Dr. rather than staying on Crow Canyon Rd. The new stop would be located on Tahiti Dr. north of Bahama Ct. and would be served around 3:15pm on school days.

Currently those seeking to access this neighborhood would have to walk long distances in unsafe conditions. The two nearest stops, highlighted on the map, are located at Alcosta Blvd. @ Woodland Dr. and Crow Canyon Rd. @ Canyon Crest Dr. Both CCCTA and the City of San Ramon support this change.

This routing change, if supported, would go into effect March 18, 2012.

San Ramon Community Center

12501 Alcosta Blvd. – Alcosta Room

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 5:30 PM

The public is invited to attend the public hearing to comment on any aspect of this proposed change. Those unable to attend the public hearings are encouraged to submit comments in writing to: The County Connection, Director of Finance, 2477 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord, CA 94520 or email to

proposed 622 map

proposed 622 map

Service Changes Begin Dec. 26th

County Connection will not be in service on Sunday, December 25th, and several bus routes in will undergo changes effective Monday, December 26, 2011. On Monday, County Connection will operate on a weekend schedule – there are no changes planned for any of the 300 Series weekend bus routes.

The remaining schedule changes are made to accommodate passenger requests, changing school bell times, as well as changing traffic conditions. The new schedules are available now by contacting Customer Service at 925-676-7500, and will be distributed to BART stations, City Offices, libraries, and hospitals beginning December 15th. Changes will be posted on the agency website, December 23. For immediate schedule information, please call Customer Service at 676-7600.

Changes To Weekday Schedules

  • Routes 2 and 5  –  Several morning and afternoon trips have been adjusted.
  • Route 20  –  Service is being added between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM affecting all trips
  • Route 98X  –  The entire schedule has been rewritten.

 Changes to 600 Series Routes

  • Route 603  –  All school day morning trips leaving Camino Pablo at Canyon are adjusted to leave approximately 10 minutes earlier.
  • Route 616  –  The school day trip leaving Concord BART at 7:20 AM will leave 15 minutes earlier.
  • Route 622  –  All running times are adjusted.

Additional Service On Rt. 4 On Dec. 10, 2011

County Connection will add early morning service hours on the Route 4 on Saturday, Dec. 10th to accommodate the additional demand of the Walnut Creek half marathon and 10K race.  The supplemental service will be provided between 5:00 AM and 5:50 AM.  The route alignment will change during this period to accommodate street closures during
the set-up period and the actual start of the race.

Between 5:00 and 6:00 AM the buses will follow the regular route pattern in the southbound direction – traveling to Broadway Plaza – but will travel along Broadway to Ygnacio Valley Rd. in the northbound direction.

Two buses will depart the Marriot Hotel on Parkside Dr.- one at 5:00 AM, and the last bus at approximately 5:45 AM. Buses will circle through the Walnut Creek BART station about every 10 minutes until approximately 5:50 AM, when the last of the supplemental buses leave Walnut Creek BART. The regular weekend service will then resume at 9:20 AM following the regular route pattern.

Rt. 4 Supplemental Service Map




Change To Route 260 – CSEB Shuttle

One trip on the Route 260 will change effective Monday, December 5.  The original trip scheduled to leave Concord BART at 7:15 will be eliminated, and replaced with a trip leaving Concord BART at 8:45.  See below. Schedules are being reprinted.

Concord BART
Arrive Campus Leave Campus Arrive Concord BART
4:45 PM 5:00 PM 5:05 PM 5:20 PM
5:25 PM 5:40 PM 5:45 PM 6:00 PM
6:05 PM 6:20 PM 6:25 PM 6:40 PM
8:45 PM 9:00 PM 9:15 PM 9:30 PM
9:45 PM 10:00 PM 10:15 PM 10:30 PM


County Connection’s Annual Food Drive Begins December 5, 2011

County Connection’s Annual Food Drive
Begins December 5, 2011

Concord, Calif. – Now that the Thanksgiving
leftovers are put away, it’s time to take a moment and consider those with no
leftovers. In the spirit of giving and generosity, for two weeks in December
County Connection will ask employees and passengers to donate food for the Food
Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. Beginning Monday, December 5th,
County Connection buses will become rolling collection points for passengers
wishing to donate food. The tradition, which began over twenty five years ago,
brings much needed food to our community each year.


“Now more than ever, the need for
nutritious food is in high demand throughout the region” said Amy Worth, County
Connection’s Board Chair. “We are so grateful to our passengers who always come
through to help those that have hit hard times.”


All County Connection buses will
have plastic milk crates placed near the front of the bus to hold donations.
When needed, road supervisors will meet buses on the road and empty crates that
are full to avoid overflow. The most needed items are protein sources like peanut
butter and canned meats, all canned goods, dried beans, rice, pastas, iron rich
cereal, tomato products, and 100% fruit juice. Food Bank officials have asked
that no glass containers be donated as they can easily break during
transportation and sorting.


“This economic downturn has been
longer and deeper than past recessions, and has caused more people to be out of
work and in need of help. We have seen a 46% increase from 2006-2010 in demand
for food,” said Renee Baptiste, spokesperson for the Food Bank. “The County
Connection and their riders are helping to fill a very important gap.”


County Connection provides fixed-route and ADA paratransit service throughout
central Contra Costa County. For information on bus routes and schedules, call
Customer Service at (925) 676-7500 or visit



Hours Exteneded on Route 4 Free Ride Trolley During The Holidays

Beginning on Black Friday, shoppers in downtown Walnut Creek who enjoy using the Free Ride Trolley to get around, can stay out even later.  The later service is subsidized by Macerich, owners of Broadway Plaza, and will take place Monday through Saturday. Sunday service will remain as currently scheduled.

Later holiday hours are as follows:

November 25-December 10 – the last trolley will leave Broadway Plaza at 10:10 PM.

December 12-December 23 – the last trolley will leave Broadway Plaza at 11:06 PM

December 24th – no extended service. The last trolley will leave Broadway Plaza at 6:36 PM.

December 25th – No service.

December 26 – December 31 – the last trolley leaves Broadway Plaza at 10:10 PM.

“We’re very grateful that Macerich will again fund the extended hours of service,” said Bob Simmons, County Connection’s Board representative from Walnut Creek. “The added service benefits both shoppers and businesses in the area by providing a convenient way to move throughout the entire downtown area during the busy holiday season.”

For detailed schedule information, please visit County Connection’s website,, or call Customer Service at 676-7500.

Meet November’s Passenger of the Month

Meet Meira – November Passenger of the Month

Meira is a true champion of public transportation. She made the commitment to support the local service to get to and from her job in Walnut Creek over 15 years ago, and has been riding County Connection ever since.

Over the years, whenever she’d moved, access to the bus lines has been a top priority – right up there with safety and every day amenities. “I like riding the bus – I’ve always felt safe, and have always found the service to be very dependable. Over the years I’ve gotten to know a lot of the drivers and they know me –  and that’s comforting.”

Meira jokes that since she’s been riding so long, she feels like a part owner in the system. In reality, she is. And so is everyone reading this. A small piece of every tax dollar goes to help support all transit systems in the Bay Area.

Meira has also introduced her young grandson to the buses, and he looks to the day when he can ride on his own to get school. I’m sure he’ll be a veteran rider by then.

It’s been a pleasure serving you for so long Meira. We’ll see you on the road.