Adjustments To Several Bus Routes 12/23/12

Several bus routes in the County Connection system will undergo changes effective Sunday, December 23, 2012. The schedule changes are made to accommodate increasing ridership, passenger requests, and changing traffic conditions. The new schedules are available now by contacting Customer Service at 925-676-7500, and will be distributed to BART stations, City Offices, libraries, and hospitals beginning December 17th. Changes will be posted on the agency website, December 21st. For immediate information, please call Customer Service at 676-7500.


Weekday Service Changes


  • Added a trip leaving Rossmoor toward WC BART at 7:33 PM









  • The last two trips leaving Concord BART at 8:28 and 9:18 PM are extended to end at Amtrak rather than downtown Pleasant Hill
  • The last two trips leaving downtown Pleasant Hill at 8:52 and 9:42 PM are removed
  • A later trip leaving Amtrak at 8:25 PM arriving at Concord BART 9:12 is added.
  • The trip leaving Amtrak at 7:00 AM is adjusted to leave 5 minutes EARLIER at 6:55 AM









  • The trips leaving Amtrak at 5:55 and 7:00 AM are adjusted to leave 10 minutes EARLIER
  • The trip leaving Amtrak at 8:20 AM is adjusted to leave 10 minutes LATER
  • The trips leaving Pleasant Hill BART at 7:10 AM is adjusted to leave six minutes EARLIER










  • A new trip is added leaving Concord BART at 8:30 AM









  • Cal State East Bay – New trips leaving Concord BART at 7:40, 8:35, 9:35, 11:30 AM and 12:30 and 1:30 PM









Express Route Changes


  • All late afternoon and evening trips are adjusted
  • A new trip is added to leave WC BART at 4:08 PM. This trip called 93X LIMITED. This bus will not make stops in Walnut Creek – first stop will be at Kirker Pass and Castlewood









  • Route pattern adjusted and schedule rewritten









  • Route patterns adjusted and schedule rewritten









  • Rerouted in both directions to travel on Pacheco Blvd. between Hwy. 4 and Chilpancingo Pkwy. Existing stops will be served with no changes to the existing time check points.









Weekend Service Change

Route 310

  • Two later trips added to leave Clayton Rd and Kirker Pass at 7:50 and 9:10 PM









600 Series – School Days Only

  • Routes 611, 613, 616, and 619 adjusted for bell time change
  • Routes 631 and 632 removed (service covered by routes above)


Service To Be Added On Rt. 20

Popularity of Route 20 Prompts County Connection to Add  Service

 On Sunday, December 23, 2012, County Connection will begin operation of additional bus service on one of the transit agency’s most popular bus routes that connects Diablo Valley College to Bart Concord.  Like many transit providers in the nation, County Connection is experiencing an increase in ridership.

“Route 20 has historically been one of County Connection’s most productive bus routes in terms of the number of passengers served each hour,” said Rick Ramacier, County Connection General Manager.  “As the economy slowly improves and more people return to work and school, we’ve seen signs of strain on this particular route because of the strong commute and student ridership base.”

To address the strain on Route 20, County Connection’s current practice is to monitor Concord BART station and deploy additional bus service whenever possible to alleviate overcrowding.  The upcoming new service is a direct result of a request from the community.  Recently several Route 20 riders attended meetings of County Connection’s Operations and Scheduling Committee and the Advisory Committee to ask for a permanent additional service to be considered.  Meetings are open to the public and transit stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

“The Route 20 riders made a strong case and we agree with them,” said Jack Weir, Board representative from Pleasant Hill. “Ridership reports presented at the meeting cited the system-wide average of 17 riders each hour of service, while Route 20 in September carried over 29 passengers each hour.  The morning commute is now swelling to upwards of 42 passengers.”

The new regular service calls for an additional trip to leave Concord BART at 8:30 AM.  This will allow consistent departures from Concord BART every 15 minutes between 6:45 AM and 9:15 AM.

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) there is a growing public demand for public transportation services across the nation and all major modes of public transportation are seeing a rise in ridership.

“In some areas of the country, local and regional economies are rebounding, and not surprisingly, public transit ridership is up in regions where jobs are increasing and employment is up,” said APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy, specifically mentioning San Francisco (and the Bay area) as an improving local economy.

A one-way trip between Diablo Valley College and Bart Concord costs just $2.00, seniors (65+/disabled/medicare) pay only $1.00.  Also riders can purchase 20 rides and BART transfers for the price of 10 with the Commuter Card, costing $40.00.  For complete fare listings, visit

County Connection operates a fleet of 29 ft., 35 ft., and 40 ft. fully accessible fixed-route buses, and a fleet of 63 paratransit vehicles.  Printed schedules are available at BART stations, City Offices, and public libraries throughout central Contra Costa.  For immediate schedule information, please visit the agency’s website or call Customer Service (925) 676-7500.

View the complete APTA ridership report by visiting:

Real Time Bus Tracker Debuts

On Wednesday, Dec. 5th County Connection rolled out Bus Tracker, a system that provides real time information about where the bus is and when it will arrive at the bus stop.

Bus Tracker has been installed on all County Connection’s fixed route buses and the software uses GPS location data to predict arrival times.  Buses transmit their location every thirty seconds via the Sprint network enabling Bus Tracker to predict arrival times and make bus location information available to the public on the web.  All you need is access to the internet to see where buses are on-route, and to see when the next bus is predicted to arrive at your stop.  The map view uses the familiar Google map as a base to show buses progressing along the transit routes.  Riders can view the upcoming bus arrival times by selecting any bus stop in the system.

“An exciting feature of Bus Tracker is the ability to set up a personalized account to receive alerts about when the next bus will arrive,” said Erling Horn, County Connection Board Chair.

“The implementation of Bus Tracker is the latest upgrade to the on-board computer system”, said Director of Planning, Anne Muzzini.  “This upgrade will give bus riders peace of mind and that is particularly important in a suburban area like ours because the bus comes less often than in an urban area.”

Now that customer service agents can see where buses are and what the predicted arrival time is, even riders without access to the internet will get more accurate information.  Prior to being able to use Bus Tracker customer service agents relied on the “scheduled” times.  Now they can see if a bus is caught in traffic.

Visit and click the Bus Tracker button get started or to set up a personalized account for arrival alerts.

County Connection operates a fleet of 112 clean diesel and 9 hybrid diesel buses in fixed route service and 63 gas powered vans in door-to-door service.  For assistance with Bus Tracker please call Customer Service at 676-7500.

Temporary Bus Stop Closure & Extended Service 12/8

Several County Connection bus stops served by Route 311 will be temporarily closed on Saturday, December as the City of Walnut Creek hosts the Walnut Creek Half Marathon. The temporary closure will only affect trips traveling from Walnut Creek BART to Concord BART, and are expected to re-open by 10:00 AM. The affected stops are:


  • Northbound N CIVIC DR & PINE ST
  • Northbound N CIVIC DR & PARKSIDE DR
  • Northbound N CIVIC DR & DEODORA WAY
  • Northbound N CIVIC DR & WALDEN RD
  • Northbound OAK RD & WALDEN PARK
  • Eastbound TREAT BLVD between JONES ST & CHERRY LN
  • Eastbound TREAT BLVD & ARKELL RD
  • Eastbound TREAT BLVD & WINTON DR

Additionally, early service on the Route 4 Free Ride Trolley will be added between 5:00 and 6:30 AM to help transport runners and spectators. The early service will be extended to serve the Marriott Hotel on Parkside Dr. The last supplemental bus will leave Parkside at 6:30 AM and regular weekend service on Route 4 will resume at 9:20 AM from Walnut Creek BART.

County Connection operates a fleet of 112 clean diesel and 9 hybrid diesel buses in fixed route service and 63 gas powered vans in door-to-door service.

Route 4 Detour For Parade of Lights 11/29/12

Plaza Drive in the Walnut Creek Broadway Plaza will be closed to traffic from noon to 9 PM on Thursday due to the Annual Parade of Lights and Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Coming from the Walnut Creek BART station, the buses will follow the regular route to Mt. Diablo Blvd., then turn right on Broadway, right on Newell, and right on South Main to its regular route returning to the BART station.

Shoppers traveling to and from the Broadway Plaza should use the existing bus stops along Broadway, or at Newell/S. Main.

Later Service On Free Ride Trolley Starts Friday

Later Free Ride Trolley Service Starts Friday

Beginning on November 23, 2012, the Free Ride Trolley will run later on Monday-Saturday evenings.  The Free Ride Trolley runs between the Walnut Creek BART station, the downtown shopping district, and the Broadway Plaza. And, as the name implies – it’s free to the riders.

The last trolley will leave the fountain in Broadway Plaza at 10:10 PM Monday – Saturday through December 8th. Beginning December 10th later service will be extended even further with the last bus leaving Broadway Plaza at 11:06 PM until December 23.

There will be no extended service hours on Sundays, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, and no service on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The later service gives shoppers, employees, diners and residents extra time to enjoy all that downtown Walnut Creek has to offer.

In addition to the Walnut Creek Free Ride Trolley, County Connection provides fixed route and paratransit service throughout central Contra Costa County.  For information on its other transit services, please call County Connection Customer Service 676-7500 or visit

New Detours In Concord

Bonifacio St. In Concord Will Be Closed For Sewer Line Contstruction Nov. 2012 Through January 2013 – Detours For Rts. 17 and 19

17 Detour

 From BART Concord to BART North Concord/Martinez – No Service at Bonifacio at Grant (this direction only)

L         Park   St.

R         Grant   St.

R         Pacheco St.

L         East   St. onto Grant St. to

R         Grant St. onto Solano Way

R         Olivera   Rd.

L         Port   Chicago Highway

R         BART station entrance

R         BART bus service road.


From BART North Concord/Martinez to BART Concord – No Stops Affected

Follow regular route to: East St.

R         Pacheco St.

L         Colfax St.

L         Salvio St. to regular route.



Route #19 Detour for November 2012 thru January 2013.

Northbound – Stops affected are:

Grant/ Pacheco, Grant/Bonifacio and Bonifacio/Concord Ave

Start    BART Service Road

Left      Park St.

Right   Grant St.

Left      Willow Pass Rd.

Right   Concord Ave. to Regular Route.


Southbound – No stops affected


Meet The Class of 2012

Meet The Class of 2012

Training takes place at the County Connection all year long to assure that bus operators remain current with all state and federal licensing requirements. But once each year County Connection participates in a different kind of training – puppy training.

Through their volunteer network, San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs For The Blind raise and train puppies to eventually be paired with an owner. Part of the training involves learning how to use public transportation, so they will one day safely assist their owner in daily travel.

“The puppies need to learn how to use the buses if they are to graduate and become guide dogs”, said Louise Pay, club leader for San Ramon Valley GDB. “Before trainers take their puppies out into the community using public transportation, they need to make sure the animal is not frightened by the noise and movement and can remain under the trainers’ control.”

During their training at the bus yard, puppies are encouraged to walk around the bus while it’s running and become familiar with the sights and noises associated with the bus. They hear the air brakes and the release noises when the bus “kneels”. They hear the doors opening and closing, and the ramp unfolding or sliding out from the undercarriage. However, the majority of training is spent practicing the use of the mechanical wheelchair lift. If nerves are going to come out, this is typically where it happens.

“We’re thankful that County Connection helps us each year with this important element of training. This step is just as important for the trainers as it is for the puppies. They leave the bus yard knowing what they need to work on with their puppy.”

For information on San Ramon Valley Guide Dogs For The Blind, please visit

County Connection operates a fleet of 29 ft., 35 ft., and 40 ft. fully accessible fixed-route buses, and a fleet of 63 paratransit vehicles. Updated schedules are available at BART stations, City Offices, and public libraries throughout central Contra Costa.  For immediate schedule information, please call Customer Service 676-7500 or visit for more information.