Staff Contacts

General Manager’s Office 925-680-2049
General Manager Rick Ramacier 925-676-1976
Clerk to the Board Lathina Hill 925-680-2049
Sr. Manager of Human Resources Lisa Rettig 925-680-2034
Transportation Department 925-680-2023
Director of Transportation Bill Churchill 925-680-2022
Sr. Manager of Innovation & Shared Mobility Rashidi Barnes 925-680-2029
Manager of Transportation Yvette Moran 925-680-2025
Sr. Manager of Safety and Training  Sharon Ashby  925-680-2027
Finance Department 925-680-2049
Director of Finance Erick Cheung 925-680-2051
Sr. Manager of Accounting Karol McCarty 925-680-2052
Planning/Marketing Department 925-680-2039
Director of Planning & Marketing Ruby Horta 925-680-2048


Assistant Manager of Customer Service Malissa Dean 925-680-2058
Ticket Sales Correne Pedroza 925-680-2107
Maintenance Department 925-680-2091
Director of Maintenance Scott Mitchell 925-680-2090
Manager of Grants & Procurement Kevin Finn 925-680-2087