Advisory Committee Meeting Time Change – County Connection

Advisory Committee Meeting Time Change

The County Connection Advisory Committee will meet this Friday, July 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM. The time posted on the agenda states 10:00 AM, and has been corrected.

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  • I have a concern that I would like to have discussed at the meeting in regards to Link- paratransit and the size requirements of the wheelchairs. If a person is denied based on the fact that their chair is oversized is there an alterative to Link for that person? If there is nothing in place at this time will there be in the future?

    • Thank you for attending the meeting. As we discussed, wheelchairs, or any other mobility device, need to fall within the federal guidelines to be accomodated on public transit vehicles – which fortunately, most are. Manufacturers pay close attention to these guidelines. In the event the size or weight requirements are exceeded, individuals can either have an alternate device for travel only purposes, or seek private transportation alternatives. I’m pleased that all will work out for your needs.

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