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Are You An Express Bus Rider?

County Connection is considering once again making an Express Bus fare instrument available so that riders using an existing discounted fare instrument can avoid putting an extra quarter into the farebox.

We’re considering a 12-Ride Express Pass for $23 or an East Bay Value Express for $70. Which would you buy?

6 thoughts on “Are You An Express Bus Rider?

  • I would love to have a monthly express pass option. Now if I can just convince you to have weekend service to Dublin Bart it would be perfect

    • Yeah, we hear that from time to time. Unfortunately not plans (or funding) for service expansion in the near future 🙁

  • Thank you, I obviously missed that one earlier. I now see as well that the Express bus fare is $6 or $3, depending on whether or not it is considered peak time. I think we’ll just be taking a slightly longer route instead, only 8-13 minutes longer. I had no idea getting out to that part of Queens would take so long!

    • Not sure what route you’re talking about, but the cash fare on Express Routes is $2.25, so a round trip (cash) is 4.50. If you pay with a Clipper Card from stored cash value the day pass accumulator will deduct a maximum of $3.75 per day for travel on any bus route – regular or express.

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