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Are You The Next Passenger of the Month?

Are you a new County Connection rider or a veteran rider? Do you use the bus once a week, twice a week, or every day? Tell us your story and become eligible for a free monthly pass.

Each month County Connection will select a  passenger from all entries and feature them – and their story – on our website.  The first passenger will be featured in January 2011.

Public transit riders are full of funny and heartwarming stories to tell. So what are you waiting for, tell us yours.

5 thoughts on “Are You The Next Passenger of the Month?

  • I became a County Connection bus rider when I lost my driving privileges in May, 2005. Now I use public transit daily as my sole means of travel. The transition was admittedly difficult.
    I’ve found I’m saving a great amount of money (>$10,000/yr.) over driving, an important factor for this senior citizen in our uncertain economy.
    My transition involved two moves as well; from a single family Danville home a mile from a bus stop, (Route 121) to an apartment in downtown Danville, to a Condo 2 blocks from Walnut Creek BART.
    As I’m CCCTA LINK dependent, I discovered their Bus Ambassador Program in the LINK booklet. I applied, was accepted, and served as an Ambassador from 3/09 to 7/10. During that period I rode on every CCCTA Bus Route, helping riders, and participating in activities. My main failing as an Ambassador was getting involved in the politics of public transportation!
    Now I continue to help individual riders if asked, and advocate politically with my elected officials for better public transit.

  • I’ve been relying on AC Transit/County Connection busses since the 1970’s. Unable to drive due to vision issues, I’ve used the transit system over the years to get to high school, classes at Diablo Valley College and various work locations , so you could say that I grew up on a bus…
    For several years I worked in Bishop Ranch and represented an AT&T building of over 900 people as a liason to the Bishop Ranch Transportation Centre run by the amazing Marcie McGuire. Knowing firsthand how convenient the free shuttle could be , I encouraged folks to sign up for their bus passes each enrollment period.

    Recently I moved in as a caregiver to my 93 year old grandmother and was pleased to find several convenient lines serving the area between Walnut Creek BART and John Muir Hospital M-F and weekends , saving me time and from a great deal of walking.

    • Thank you for sharing your history. It always good to hear from people who have been a lot of changes and still have good things to say. I’ve got you in the drawing…good luck!

  • Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a veteran rider. I have never had a car and I am partly glad I don’t because of the maintenance a car requires and gas prices. I take the bus three or four times a week. I take the bus to shop for groceries go to to therapy to go to my Mom’s place. I have been riding the county connection since it first started. I have met allot of nice drivers that have been driving for years I don’t know names but the ones I do know are really nice. I have a ten yr old who wants me to have a car but I don’t want one she takes the bus with me sometimes to places.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thank you for sending in your story, and for being such a loyal rider. I’m including your submission into the monthly drawing. The entry will be eligible all year.

      Good Luck!!!

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