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County Connection Will Resume Regular Service

Regular bus service will resume Wednesday, October 23, 2013. We thank all of our passengers for their patience during these turbulent times.









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  • In the event that BART workers go on strike Oct. 14, I’d suggest Route 25 avoid I-680 and use California Blvd/Olympic Blvd. Whether Operators allow ons/offs at stops allong this detour is another question. See you at O&S this morning.

  • I assume this service will be Monday-Friday only? How can we connect to AC Transit on the weekends?

  • It would be better if BART cut all the charter bus service and simply funded county connections to run a shuttle buses all day from Rockridge BART to Concord BART. I live in Berkeley and will be trapped because these services only offer commute direction they are not lifeline services that we need. The MTC made the biggest mistake when they cut bus service from oakland to Orinda now none of us will be able to get there on transit! Big Mistake.

  • Breaking News on Walnut Creek Patch says “BART Union leaders announced Thursday afternoon that BART workers will go on strike at midnight tonight if no agreement is reached before then. WATCH LOCAL TV NEWS NOW!

  • Will there be a bus from Oakland to Walnut Creek at 6:15am departing Oakland on 10/18 and a bus from Walnut Creek to Oakland departing Wallnut Creek at 4:15pm.

    Thank you.

    • Right now count on buses to Oakland at 5:15 and 7:15 for tomorrow. In the PM the buses will leave Oakland to WC at 5:15 and 7:15.

        • Sorry, I know this is confusing, but the buses from oak to WC in the AM are still scheduled to leave Broadway/20th at 6:15 and 7:15 AM, then return from WC at 4:15 and 6:15 PM. Please check back throughout the day, we’ll be updating as resources and traffic conditions progress.

  • Will there be s bus from Oakland to Walnut Creek at 6:15 am on 10/18 and a bus departing from Walnut Creek to Oaland at 4:15pm?


  • Hi folks,

    I took the 5:15am out of Concord this morning. We left about 5:20. The ride was smooth and fast. Arrive 20th/Broadway about 5:45!! It’s too bad that more people didn’t take advantage.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! CCCTA for filling the gap. You are saving me a lot of time and money.

    Oh yeah, to the BART worker trolls that may be monitoring this site, payback is coming and you will suffer as you have made us suffer.

    To BART Management: No more free rides for the workers or their family members!!!!!

  • Mary, that was good advice you gave Yvette. I hope you and Rick and others who’ve been working on this can get some sleep also. BART’s reputation has declined, but County Connection’s reputation has risen by providing these services.

  • Mary,

    How do I know what line to wait for at Broadway near 20th St since there are many buses at this location? Can you post a google map?

    In addition, please also consider running bus from WC to downtown oak in the AM and reverse in the PM.

    Thank you.

    • Did you see the map link in the post? The County Connection buses are being staged on Broadway on the opposite side of 20th from all the AC Transit stops. Our staff person there this morning confirmed there was no real clear signage for our buses, so the first bus heading back to Oakland tonight is bringing some better signage that will hopefully make our stop more clear. As for buses from both Concord and WC – I’ll pass it on, but covering the buses from Concord is a challenge.

      • Very disappointed in arriving at 6:40 with hopes to catch the 7:15 bus from Oakland to Walnut Creek only to learn the website was incorrect and that the bus was leaving at 8:15; I see that its been updated since I telephoned in to verify… I think this information should be on the front of the website, btw

        • Comments humbly received. By the time I learned of the error it was too late. My apologies.

  • With the early start out of Concord 5:15am

    Need an early escape out of Oakland.


    You basically have to stay around an extra 2hrs before first return bus.

    No complaints just a suggestion.

    • I understand-makes for a long day. However, earlier in the day is when we have our heaviest loads with not only the beginning of the peak local commute, but all the schools let out. The shuttles are running when we have the highest likelihood of having available operators. If you can catch one of the later buses into Oakland the 5:15 PM bus may be a little easier to handle.

  • As long as the strike continues, weekend buses will park off BART property, ie. at WC BART, the buses will leave from the designated spaces along Pringle Avenue.
    When I was there about noon today, cars were still trying to park at meters on Pringle, as WC Police had not covered meters nor placed any no car parking signs there.

  • At WC BART, the necessary relocation of CCCTA Stops seems to have hurt ridership of people who live between Cole and Trinity and have the option to walk, carpool or bike to their destinations. A good way for these residents to travel to the temporary stops on Pringle Ave. is to get on the Trolley stop at Main near Civic.
    In the long term, I believe CCCTA’s reputation will have improved, while BART’s will have declined as a result of the strike.

  • Hanging around this part of Oakland an extra two hours will easily be the highlight of your weak. Coming to this part of town is the escape. You need to use that extra two hours and find one of the many great restaurants, bars, art gallery’s or theaters. And it is no longer called 20th and Broadway. It is now Thomas L Berkeley Way. A lot of good things are happening in Oakland and this strike may expose some of you outsiders to what is now the ‘Gem of the West’.

  • Mary, this is wonderful news about the additional service to Downtown Oakland. Kudos to you & the rest of the CCCTA staff for making it happen!

    • The peak commuter hour trips are really hard to predict which is why we report the departure times. We only have a one day history…but those few return trips took about 45 minutes. They’re predicting heavier traffic on Monday.

  • Do you have an Ambassador or Advisory Committee Member volunteering at each Temporary Bus Stop Area. My guess is it will be mass confusion tomorrow.

  • Consider it filed. I’ll forward the comments to customer service so it can be logged and investigated by the appropriate department supervisor. So sorry for this. Call customer service at 676-7500 if you need to add any other details, but I think there is enough information here for them to work with.


    • The Route 93X runs during commute hours from Hillcrest to WC BART. We will run shuttles into Oakland on weekdays from WC at various times (see the schedule in this post). The bus leaving hillcrest at 7:07 gets to WC at 8:25 and on paper should work. I need to see if the 8:35 leaving to Oakland can hold for this 93X.

      Otherwise, check Tri Delta. They have a bus that runs from Pittsburg/Bay Point to Concord where you might be able to get on an earlier County Connection shuttle to Oakland. Good luck

    • Also…these special shuttles are Free, just like the BART shuttles to SF. I’m working on a shuttle schedule chart right now. The text listing can be hard to follow.

  • Are there additional shuttles going from Walnut Creek Bart to Bishop Ranch? I ended up driving this morning and noticed multiple buses of the same route…96x

    • There are no additional buses on the 96X. We normally have multiple buses on this route due to already high demand.

  • I thought you guys had a 2pm shuttle from downtown Oakland to Concord bart. & Where exactly is the shuttle stop on 20th and broadway?

    • There’s one that leaves DT Oakland at 1:00 and then not until 5:00. The stop is right across from the Paramount Theater. There should be a sign there. It’s not a regular AC Transit bus stop. I just posted a chart format schedule on the website, facebook and twitter. I think it will be easier to understand.

  • If you guys update your schedule, can you guys make sure to update the correct times. I arrived at Concord bart at 1330 just to make sure I would get a Seat on the shuttle bus going to Downtown Oakland. Your Departure time says 1430, but when I spoke to your Shuttle driver he said he is not leaving till 1530! Then I said really your schedule shows 1430 he looks at it, then calls his Dispatcher to confirm correct departure time, your Dispatcher confirm it was 1530. SERUOUSLY UPDATE THE CORRECT TIMES NOW I AM STUCK WAITING HERE FOR ANOTHER 2 Hours!

    • You are so right. I apologize. There were, in fact a couple other errors all relating to converting military time to standard time. I am so sorry…none of you deserve to be inconvenienced any further.

      I’m posting a new chart now.

  • Your employees provided excellent service today.

    The supervisors helping at the 7:15 AM Concord/Oakland shuttle were very kind and patient in explaining the updates to the schedules. The lady who drove the 5:15 Oakland/Concord bus went way beyond the call of duty to help a passenger who was having a very difficult commute day.

    • Thank you for this recognition. These have certainly been trying times for everyone. I agree, our drivers are awesome.

  • On behalf of the many riders of County Connection buses, who feel as I, thank you so very much for the exemplary efforts of the Board of Directors, senior Staff, employees, and volunteers, many of whom went above and beyond the call of duty to provided much needed transportation service during the recent BART strike.

  • Thanks, I’ll check it out. It does happen from time to time, not sure how to get around designing for all the available browsers.

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