Bus Becomes Art Masterpiece Thanks to Alhambra High Students – County Connection

Bus Becomes Art Masterpiece Thanks to Alhambra High Students

Alhambra High School Art and CAD students worked collectively to design a new bus wrap for one of The County Connection’s 40-foot buses. The new bus wrap has a different design on each side and back, sporting environmentally friendly messages.

At the unveiling, all students from the two art classes, the CAD class, and the artists whose designs were chosen, were on hand to sign the front of the bus. Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder, who is also chair of The County Connection Board of Directors, awarded the certificates to the finalists Adrianna Mendoza, Gabriela Carniglia, and Samantha Huntley.

“This is a kick-off a program. We hope to have many more the high schools in our service area compete to design next year’s bus wrap,” said Mary Burdick, Manager of Marketing & Public Relations. “It’s a great opportunity for aspiring artists to have their work on display, while spreading an environmental message.”

Thank You to Alhambra High School’s Art and CAD classes, and special thanks to Jeff Smith, CAD Class Instructor, and Denise Fuller, Art Instructor.

Winner’s Circle (Click for larger view)

Submitted by Adrianna Mendoza

Submitted by Gabriella Carniglia

Submitted by Samantha Huntley

All three winning designs on the Bus

Alternate Submissions

Submitted by Jamie Higgins

Submitted by Jana Marzi

Submitted by Ratidzo Venton

Submitted by Samantha Decker

Submitted by Vanessa Boland

CAD Videos

Special Thanks to the CAD Students who participated:

  • Brian Jenkins
  • Kevin Landsborough
  • Jordan Dunn
  • Domenic Villanveva
  • Michael Hope-Creedon
  • Priyang Patel
  • Daniel Nilson
  • Beau Krummen
  • Nate Holben
  • Evan Robnett
  • Taylor Smythe
  • Michael Donnelly

CAD Students at Work