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Bus Service Impacted On Local Streets

Bus service throughout the County Connection service area is running behind schedule with the closure of Hwy. 680 in Alamo. Transit supervisors are attempting to get buses into position for the PM commute. We appreciate everyone’s patience.

13 thoughts on “Bus Service Impacted On Local Streets

  • Do you expect the 92X Northbound bus to be leaving the San Ramon transit station at 4:48 today?

    • Staged some buses earlier in the afternoon so the first 2 trips should run as planned. The 3rd bus (6:48) is en route now.

  • I normally take the 4:00pm 95X from the Transit Center and then transfer to the 93X at walnut Creek BART to get to Hillcrest park and Ride.

    Based on the 680 closure which 95X do you recommend I take?

    Thank You


    • Northbound is a little more predictable – at least it’s moving. Basically, what we’re seeing on both commute and local routes is that we’re behind schedule by 30-40 minutes. I haven’t heard how bad traffic is yet northbound. I’d stick with your normal pattern, knowing that you may not get to get to BART at the same time, but we’re still trying to keep buses meeting their connecting buses.

    • 30 to 40 is what I’m hearing from dispatch….it’s taking them so long to get from BART back on 680 after Livorna. But they’re all cycling through. What happens with traffic going north with rubbernecking remains to be seen.

  • Do you expect there would still be a bus going to Walnut Creek BART from San Ramon BR15 at 6:14PM?. I take the 96X Route, how long is the wait or what Route # from the Transit Center should I take as an alternative?

    • I think between the 96 and 95 you should be OK. I would walk to the transit center though because you’ll have more choices. A 95X is scheduled to leave the Transit Center at 6:00 and 6:40. I wish I could be more definite. Just heard they may open a SB lane or 2 “any time”. That might help keep them on schedule.

  • Will the 92X be meeting ACE 8 at 6:30pm at the train station in Pleasanton as scheduled? Please advise.

    • Yes. Buses were staged in the area earlier in the afternoon. I was just told that this bus is already in the vicinity.

  • I normally take the 92X from Bishop Ranch 2 to Pleasanton ACE station at 4:52, will that bus be running, on time, today? Thanks

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