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Bus Stop Closure In Concord

The Southbound stop on Oak Grove Rd./Monument Blvd. will be closed through  01/03/12 (estimated). This will affect Routes 11, 311, 611 and 616.

2 thoughts on “Bus Stop Closure In Concord

  • Is there an alternative stop within walking distance? The Holiday Season does not strike me as a particularly good time to close a bus
    stop? I live a few hundred yards from this corner. What are passengers supposed to do? The 14,16, and 314,316 won’t necessarily
    make up for this route. What is the closest stop to Oak Grove and Monument Blvd?

    • The closest stop served by the 11 is on across Monument on Meadow. If you don’t want to cross Monument you’ll need to walk down to Oak Grove/Gilly. This stop is temporarily closed due to the construction – we don’t have much control. Hopefully construction stays on track. Happy T-Day.

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