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CCCTA Passengers Spare The Air

In February, County Connection bus passengers “Spared the Air” of 22,423 pounds of CO2 emissions EVERY WEEKDAY. It doesn’t take much to do your part. If you leave your car home one day a week you’ll reduce CO2 emissions by 7.68 pounds that day alone. Learn more about our routes and schedules with our on line trip planner, or by calling 925-676-7500.

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  • As Kermit the Frog said, “It isn’t easy being green.” It took me several years to overcome my addiction to the convenience of hopping in my car and driving from my garage to my destination. Now, I’ve donated my car for a tax deduction, “sparing the air” every day, and saving thousands of dollars per year in expensive gasoline insurance and car payments. The trip planner makes it easy to plan where I’m going in the area. I can text, use my lap top, read or take a nap; things I couldn’t do while driving. Because of the earthquake in Japan, I’m opposed to nuclear electric power plants on the Pacific Rim. Therefore, the need for USA energy independence, by reducing fossil fuel consumption is now even more critical.

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