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County Connection Bus Operator Turns In Historic Performance

Concord, Calif. – When Aline Carroll set off for Cleveland, OH to compete in the 35th annual Bus Roadeo sponsored by the American Public Transit Association (APTA), she had her sights set on improving her 11th place finish in 2009. Her performance last year earned the title of highest ranking female in the competition’s 40 foot bus category. This year Aline earned the sixth place slot and the title of highest marks for a female in the HISTORY of the national competition.

Each year APTA sponsors the competition that attracts bus operators from across the United States and Canada. Operators drive a course that includes eleven obstacles that must be completed with hair-splitting precision. And if this isn’t stressful enough, the course must be completed within seven minutes following all rules of the road including use of turn signals, flashing lights, calling out passenger stops, and providing a smooth ride for the on-board evaluators.

“I’m so excited to have finished better than last year, but if it wasn’t for one lousy tennis ball, I would have placed third” said Aline after the competition. The referenced tennis ball – the operator must position the bus such that the dual rear tire passes through the two rows without touching any of the tennis balls.

“County Connection has always been an active participant in the national competition, and we’ve always been proud of our operator’s accomplishments, regardless of where they place,” said Rick Ramacier, County Connection’s General Manager. “Of course it’s pretty nice to hold bragging rights.”

For a snapshot video clip of Aline, go to and use the slide bar to move to her interview at 3:25 into the film. Aline is also the main operator featured throughout the video.

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