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County Connection Will Donate Ten Paratransit Vans to CBO’s

The Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA) is pleased to announce that it will be donating ten vans to community based organizations that serve the elderly and disabled populations in Central Contra Costa County.  The vans have been used in LINK paratransit service and are being replaced with new equipment.

The ten vans are wheelchair accessible, can carry up to 15 passengers, and have been used for seven years in LINK service.  They have between 200,000 and 300,000 miles on them.  A New Freedom grant in the amount of $62,500 will be used to reimburse successful applicants for 50% of their van maintenance expenses until the funds are gone.

If your agency has a need for an accessible van to transport ADA eligible riders, then you may be interested in submitting an application.  A description of the process, program requirements, and the application are attached.  Applications are due August 18th 2011. 

Cover letter 

Van application info 6.14.11

Community Connection Van Application 6.20.11