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Express Bus Fare Reminder

Remember….beginning Monday, Jan. 3, 2011, passengers boarding County Connection Express buses with either the East Bay Value Pass, an adult/youth 12-Ride punch pass, or a 20-Ride commuter card will need to put an additional twenty five cents in the farebox.

Express Routes include Rts. 91X, 92X, 93X, 95X, 96X, 97X, and 98X

11 thoughts on “Express Bus Fare Reminder

  • what if I have to take 2 express bus on a 1 way trip? I use 96 x to San ramon TC and then 98X to WC Bart. Do I have to use a qtr for each boarding?

    • You won’t have to pay any additional fare when transferring to the 2nd bus. Just the first.

  • Why don’t you sell a monthly pass and punch card that can be used on both regular and express buses that charge more. One of the advange for the pass and puch card is that one do not need to carry cash or changes around.

    • Hi Chris. At one time we had regular AND express punch passes, but sold very few of the express passes. Too often people rode both buses and preferred to buy the lower cost regular pass and pay the extra quarter when they were on an express bus. The express pass was phased out when we introduced the monthly, but now we’re in the position of needing to capture the appropriate fare revenue from the express system or some of these routes (98X) will be in jeorpardy. Finding the balance is definitely an adventure. Thanks for your patience.

  • When someone clicks on the main FARES tab of this web site, these changes aren’t explained yet.

    • I’m having this updated. It’s a table that I can’t manipulate…something I need to change in the future.

  • i’M disabled and use a disabled 20 punch card with the RTC card with a attendant does this new increase apply to me.

  • Does this apply to the 636 and the 36 bus? Today when I got on the the 636, the bus driver told me I needed an extra 25 cents and I was very confused because it isn’t listed above.

    • The additional fare is only to be collected on the 900 series express buses. If this happens again, please ask the driver to confirm with dispatch, and I’ll send them a separate note outlining the confusion so they can reconfirm with operators that this is only applicable to EXPRESS ROUTES.

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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