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Express Bus Passes On Sale Now

The East Bay Value Express will sell for $70, and allows travel on all County Connection regular and express buses. This pass will also be accepted on Tri Delta, Wheels, and WestCAT fixed-route buses.

A 12-Ride Express punch card will sell for $23 and is good for use on County Connection Express buses.

For now, the new passes will be available through the mail at the transit offices, or on-line.

Passengers may still choose to purchase the regular discount passes and add a quarter in the farebox when riding express buses.

4 thoughts on “Express Bus Passes On Sale Now

  • Dear County Connection – You might want to provide a LINK to where we can actually purchase this $70 East Bay Value Express pass. (Thanks to Mary B for posting a link, but I don’t see this pass for sale.)

    • Very few outlets sell this one due to 1) low demand and 2)fear of mixing it up with the regular monthly pass. For now most sales are on line, thru mail orders or here at our facility in Concord.

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