County Connection Transfer Policy

Transfer Rules and Regulations

A County Connection transfer entitles a passenger to transfer to any County Connection bus route for a period of up to two hours on the day of issue Monday through Friday.  A transfer issued on Saturday and Sunday will be honored for a period of up to three hours*.

*The Clipper system will only recognize a two hour window. If you need the full three hours on weekend travel, please ask the drive for a paper transfer. DO NOT tag your Clipper card when using the paper transfer.

Bus to Bus Transfer

A passenger is entitled to use this bus transfer twice* on the bus with the payment of a cash fare or use of a punch card. The passenger requests a transfer at the time of boarding the first bus. The second time the transfer is used, it must be given to the bus operator when boarding. Both the first and second transfer between buses must be accomplished within the time limits outlined above.

*The Clipper system recognizes one free transfer. If your trip requires a 2nd bus transfer, please ask the operator for a paper transfer. When using the paper transfer on the 2nd transfer DO NOT tag your Clipper card – simply give the operator the paper transfer.

BART Train to County Connection Bus Transfer

A BART train transfer plus an additional charge will entitle the passenger to use a County Connection bus transfer once.  Passengers transferring from a BART train to a County Connection must get a transfer from the transfer machines located near the BART exit faregates.

County Connection also accepts transfers as full fare payment at designated bus stops which are served by neighboring transit systems, and include Tri Delta Transit, Wheels, WestCAT, and Capital Corridor trains in Martinez.

Transfers are not transferable and are void if improperly used. A transfer will not be accepted if rolled, mutilated, or torn.