Paying Your Fare

Using Clipper The Bay Area’s transit fare payment system automatically figures out the cost of your ride, including all discounts and transfers.

  • Make sure you have a valid pass or a minimum balance of $1.75 (75 cents on a Senior or RTC Clipper card) before you board
  • When boarding the bus, locate the Clipper card reader just inside the front doors
  • Hold your card flat against the Clipper logo on the reader
  • Wait for the beep and green light – then continue to your seat

For more information on the Clipper card click here.

Using cash Bus operators are not allowed to handle money. Please deposit the exact cash fare in the farebox at the front of the bus. If you would like a transfer, please request the transfer after paying the fare and before leaving the front of the bus. Please note: Bus operators cannot make change.

Senior and disabled passengers may ride any fixed-route bus for free between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM seven days a week.

Acceptable forms of ID for reduced/free fares are:

  • State issued photo ID as proof of age 65 or older
  • Valid RTC Discount Card
  • Photo ID and Medicare Card
  • Photo ID and DMV placard registration receipt
  • Veterans Disability
  • Senior Clipper Card

Using a discount pass Show your pass or punch card to the operator. Punch card holders must have their pass punched by the operator. Do not place passes in the farebox.

Using a bus transfer receipt A County Connection transfer entitles a passenger to transfer to any County Connection bus route for a period of up to two hours on the day of issue Monday through Friday. Transfer issued on Saturday and Sunday will be honored for up to three hours. A passenger is entitled to use this bus transfer twice only with the payment of a cash fare or use of a punch card. The passenger requests a transfer at the time of boarding the first bus. The second time the transfer is used, it must be given to the bus operator when boarding. Both the first and second transfer between buses must be accomplished within the time limits outlined above. County Connection accepts transfers from many neighboring transit operators at shared bus stop locations. Passengers with inter-agency transfers may board a County Connection bus for free once with the transfer, and transfer must be surrendered at the time of use.

BART Train to Bus Transfer A BART train transfer plus an additional charge will entitle the passenger to use a County Connection bus transfer once. The passenger requests a bus transfer at the time of boarding, and the transfer is given to the bus operator when boarding the second bus. Transfers are not transferable and are void if improperly used, rolled, mutilated, or torn.

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