July 4th Weekend Service – County Connection

July 4th Weekend Service

County Connection will operate regular weekend bus service on Saturday and Sunday, July 2nd and 3rd. There will be no bus service on Monday, July 4, 2011. Additionally, there will be no LINK paratransit service operating on Monday, July 4th, but reservationists will be on duty between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to schedule paratransit trips for later in the week, and for those needing to cancel previously scheduled trips.

5 thoughts on “July 4th Weekend Service

  • Tomorrow, July 3, and likely July 4-6, will be Spare-The-Air Days, on which drivers are encouraged to carpool or use Public Transit.
    Unfortunately, because The County Connection will have no bus service on July 4, use of fixed route or LINK Service isn’t an option.

    • For people who don’t have cars

      it will be a good day for cabs.

      Thanks for leaving me stranded!

  • And we cannot visit my daughter in Pleasant Hill on Sundays or holidays. We live in Alameda and use power wheelchairs. 🙁
    And, wheelchair users can’t take a bus to church in that area. 🙁

  • True, if you don’t have a car you are out of luck and to top it off the folks who work for the transit system most likely got paid for the day. So the 1000’s of folks who work these days most likely drove or took cabs so there goes “Spare-The-Air Days”

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