June Passenger of the Month – County Connection

June Passenger of the Month

Curtis describes himself as a “veteran” bus rider. As a teen he used the bus to get to and from school every day, as well as to run other errands. “I learned at a young age that I didn’t have to rely on others to drive me around town. I could get from point A to B independently”.

“Taking the bus as I’ve gotten older has given me the opportunity to read my books and have a less stressful morning commute where I am not worried about parking spots or parking tickets. It makes me glad I’ve stuck with the County Connection service over the years.”

Curtis has gotten to know many drivers over the years, and appreciates the professional job they do. We at County Connection are also appreciative of Curtis’ loyal patronage throughout the years, and will continue to do our best to keep the service working for him.

Tell us why you should be the next Passenger of the Month and be eligible for a free monthly pass.

Ride On!

2 thoughts on “June Passenger of the Month

  • Hi, my name is Jenny. here is my story and I think I should get the passanger of the month.
    I am a very frequent bus rider. I learned how to take the bus since I came here from Hong Kong in 1988. I take the bus almost every day to school, running errands, appointments, shopping, meeting friends and etc and its very conviencet to get to all these places. This allow me to be very indepedently and that I don’t have to rely on others.
    Taking the bus I get to relax because I have some disabilties and I get really anixous easily with everything.
    Over the years I am a regular passangers, so I got to know a lot of excellent drivers and I really appreciate the county connection bus service and all the drivers hard work they do.

    Thank you so much and for your understanding!

  • I have been a faithful County Connection rider for over 15 years. Even when I had a car I still took public transportation. I have grown to know the drivers and their quirks since I have been taking the bus every morning and evening for work. They know me and I know them. They know my schedule and I know theirs. Everyone knows the little Asian woman that goes to Kaiser in Walnut Creek. I feel that I should be the rider of the month because I have trusted and relied and supported the County Connection, I amost feel since its existence. I have spent thousands of dollars throughout the years and it would be wonderful and a great way of showing customer appreciation, especially for someone that has been a bus rider for many years. I thank you for keeping me safe and being a trusted way of transportation.

    Meira Lucey

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