LINK (Paratransit)


County Connection LINK paratransit service is an Americans with Disablilities Act (ADA) paratransit service. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires all public transit operators to provide special service to persons whose disabilities prevent them from using fully accessible public transit. The special service, called “ADA paratransit service,” operates at similar times and in similar areas as existing non-commute (off-peak), fixed-route transit.

Important Phone Numbers

  • LINK Reservations: 925-938-7433
  • LINK Cancellations: 925-943-1829
  • LINK (after hours): 925-943-1829
  • LINK Applications, Questions, Comments: 925-680-2066 -or- 925-680-2067
  • LINK Account Information: 925-938-7433
  • LINK Lost and Found: 925-938-7433
  • Fixed-Route Bus Service Information: 925-676-7500

AT&T’s California Relay Service is available for individuals with hearing/speech impairments: 1-800-735-2929 (TDD) or 1-800-735-2922 (Voice), or you may dial 711.

Mailing Address:
County Connection LINK
2477 Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, CA 94520