May Passenger of the Month-Meet Steve – County Connection

May Passenger of the Month-Meet Steve

Meet Steve – May Passenger of the Month

Steve has been a regular transit rider for over 16 years, originally riding the bus and BART to his job in San Francisco. When AAA moved to their current location in Walnut Creek near the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village, he began commuting solely on the bus. “Using the bus to get to and from work may take me an additional 15 minutes, but whenever I pass a gas station, or an auto repair shop, I think of the thousands of dollars I’m saving every year.” Steve is also standing by AAA’s commitment to support alternative transportation.

“I see the same people day in and day out, and have actually made several good friends.” Steve lives near the Concord BART station where there are a lot of service options, and finds he rarely drives his car anymore – even on weekends. “All it takes a little advance planning…we really are lucky to live in an area where the bus service is safe, convenient, affordable, and professional.

Thanks Steve, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  • I owned a 2001 Volvo, and was a Member of AAA, until I donated my only car to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in 2010. I’ve used County Connection Buses since 2005, and am now totally public transit dependent. I estimate I save $8000 / year by using Buses, BART, AMTRAK (To go to Sacramento on the Capital Corridor) and the ACE train (to visit my son in Santa Clara.) I feel great that I’m helping relieve traffic congestion in the Bay Area, inproving clean air and helping the USA achieve Energy Independence. I use the Walnut Creek Free Trolley nearly daily to shop for clothes, go to Kaiser and to get groceries.

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