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Meet April’s Passenger of the Month

Meet Julie

Julie has been using the buses pretty regularly for the past 4 years, and was an occasional rider in past. What led to the shift? Julie is a 16 year employee of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, and has been with the Bridge Program at Loma Vista in Concord for the last 4 years. The Bridge Program teaches special needs youth’s skills to live independently, and an integral part of the program is transportation.

“We use the buses regularly and are so impressed with the service. In all my years of travel training I’ve never had a bad experience. Some of the drivers, who we know by name, are jewels. I applaud people who use the service regularly and encourage everyone to become familiar with the bus service. Like I teach my students…knowing how to get around your community is the difference between independence and isolation.”

Thank you Julie, keep spreading your message.

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