Meet Eduardo – July Passenger of the Month – County Connection

Meet Eduardo – July Passenger of the Month

Eduardo has been a long time user of public transportation and for the last three years has been using County Connection buses and BART to get around almost exclusively. Not only is he helping to doing his part in “Sparing the Air” every day, he’s saving himself a bundle in car payments, maintenance, and insurance every year.

Of course living and working near two heavily serviced BART station makes it possible. Between the Concord and Pleasant Hill BART stations, Eduardo is able to get just about anywhere in our service area seven days a week.

Eduardo uses many different bus routes frequently, and sees the regular rotation of operators throughout the course of his travels. One thing he appreciates is the professional and respectful service County Connection operators extend to their passengers.

We appreciate loyal passengers like Eduardo, and hope we continue to meet his high expectations.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Eduardo – July Passenger of the Month

  • How much does CCCTA spend annually rewarding frequent riders? How much is spent attracting new riders?

    • The new Passenger of the Month program provides a monthly pass each month valued at $60, annual value is $720. The Accessible Services division has a similar monthly drawing and awards a 20-Ride D&S pass valued at $20 or an annual value of $240. They also provide an annual pass each year during Disability Awareness Month to the passenger who has used the fixed-route buses the most over the course of the year. This is determined by those returing their used D&S cards. This value is a little more difficult to assign, but if you assume the winner is using the bus each weekday, they could be using 2-3 punch cards a month, putting the annual value at between $480-$720.

      The approved promotions budget for this fiscal year is $104,000, and approximately 70% is devoted to reaching potential new riders through participation in community and business events, limited direct mail, newsprint, and local radio advertising. The remaining 30% covers “maintenance” expenses such as telephone directory expense, chamber membership dues, reprint costs for existing brochures/booklets for accessible services division, and department supplies and website maintenance expenses.

      • Thank you, Mary. These Marketing expenses seem quite logical to me.

        I wish other governmental bodies were as honest in their budgets!

  • Please bring back the free Rides for the Regional Transit Connection RTC only on Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm

    • Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, it’s not something I see happening while transportation funding is on such unstable ground. The County Connection budget for the next fiscal year was recently approved and doesn’t call for either a fare increase or further service reductions. However n the flip side, it is very unlikely that we will see any increase in services or any fare subsidy programs. If you have the RTC discount card, please remember to always use the discounted punch card which will help save $$$.

  • Please add more services on 321 on weekend to Dublin and Pleasanton or West Dublin and Pleasanton bart Station So we dont have to take a taxi or walking and bike to Dublin and pleasanton or west Dublin and Pleasanton

    • Pretty much the same response as previous. This segment was removed on weekends back in 2009 when we cut nearly 25% of our service and was based on very low ridership. A sad fact of life in the transit world. Stay tuned though…we’re always hopeful things will start to turn around.

  • I’m an elementary teacher at Wren Avenue in Concord. I have CAL science and math majors, who are a part of the CAL Teach program who would like to collaborate with me this Fall. They can easily get to Concord BART, but there’s no bus connection that gets them near our school. Is there anything in the works that would transport people NE on Willow Pass or East on Concord Blvd?

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