Meet Jennifer-October Passenger of the Month – County Connection

Meet Jennifer-October Passenger of the Month

Jennifer is a relative newcomer to County Connection.  When her car broke down a while back she found that she HAD to use the bus and BART to get to her job in Oakland. Much
to her surprise, she found it convenient, reliable, and relaxing, and has continued to use the public transit system for her daily commute.

“The drivers are really nice and helpful. I’ve gotten to know several of them as they rotate between the different bus routes, and they are all very professional, but friendly at the same time.” With a bus stop very near her home, she finds her daily routine to be seamless, and most important –reliable. “The buses are always on time, which makes my commute much morepredictable than when I was driving.”

Not only is Jennifer saving money each month, but her “fear factor” is reduced. She’s interested in using transit systems in other parts of the Bay Area to minimize her reliance on a car.

Another side benefit is that she’s made a very good friend – who turns out to be a neighbor. They both take the bus to get to and from BART and soon found they had a lot in common. “Saving money, cutting down my carbon footprint, a great friend – my car breaking down wasn’t such a bad deal after all!”

Thank you Jennifer, for being such a great spokesperson.


2 thoughts on “Meet Jennifer-October Passenger of the Month

  • Welcome, Jennifer to being a regular County Connection commuter. The drivers are definitely nice and helpful and very professional, but friendly at the same time.

    You’re safer than driving your car, plus can call or text on your cell phone, read the news, use your laptop, or all the many things you can’t do while driving. Now that you’ve gotten over the “fear factor” of using buses, you’ll be saving lots of money, plus having the satisfaction of reducing green house gases.

    The more people that follow your example by riding buses, the more frequent and convenient service will be!

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