Meet Joyce – August Passenger of the Month – County Connection

Meet Joyce – August Passenger of the Month

Joyce has relied on County Connection bus service for over ten years, and has a unique perspective on the transit “community” that extends beyond just getting to know people on the bus. “When you meet your co-workers on the bus, you get to know them in a much different way than if you were driving. On the bus people are people first, and this includes the operators.  I can’t say enough about the great job they do – they’re always patient, professional, and safe.”

One of Joyce’s favorite stories involves the CHP. On a particularly busy commute morning, passengers noticed a CHP car alongside the bus signal the operator and start flashing the lights. Of course everyone on the bus was puzzled because the bus  wasn’t speeding or driving unsafely.  It turns out the officer noticed the bus signaling to change lanes to get into the carpool lanes without much success. The officer helped clear the way for the bus to move to the left lanes.  Only bus riders get that special treatment.

Joyce has one wish, and that is that more people take advantage of the wonderful service and enjoy the down time. “You don’t have to live in Europe to have the European lifestyle.”

On a side note, Joyce works in Bishop Ranch and receives the free bus pass provided by Sunset Development. She graciously donated her free monthly pass to the County Department of Child and Family Services. So this month, there are actually two passengers of the month – Joyce and her anonymous recipient. Thank you Joyce and happy riding.

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