Meet November’s Passenger of the Month – County Connection

Meet November’s Passenger of the Month

Meet Meira – November Passenger of the Month

Meira is a true champion of public transportation. She made the commitment to support the local service to get to and from her job in Walnut Creek over 15 years ago, and has been riding County Connection ever since.

Over the years, whenever she’d moved, access to the bus lines has been a top priority – right up there with safety and every day amenities. “I like riding the bus – I’ve always felt safe, and have always found the service to be very dependable. Over the years I’ve gotten to know a lot of the drivers and they know me –  and that’s comforting.”

Meira jokes that since she’s been riding so long, she feels like a part owner in the system. In reality, she is. And so is everyone reading this. A small piece of every tax dollar goes to help support all transit systems in the Bay Area.

Meira has also introduced her young grandson to the buses, and he looks to the day when he can ride on his own to get school. I’m sure he’ll be a veteran rider by then.

It’s been a pleasure serving you for so long Meira. We’ll see you on the road.

1 thought on “Meet November’s Passenger of the Month

  • Hi Meira,
    I’m looking forward to meeting you on the Route 4 Walnut Creek FREE Trolley sometime, whech I use for shopping and medical appointments.
    Although I’ve ridden nearly every CCCTA Route, I certainly haven’t ridden them for the over 15 years that you have.
    As Mary Burdick wrote, we’re in reality ALL part owners of tax supported PUBLIC transit. The more people use public transit, the better the service will be.

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