New Detours In Concord – County Connection

New Detours In Concord

Bonifacio St. In Concord Will Be Closed For Sewer Line Contstruction Nov. 2012 Through January 2013 – Detours For Rts. 17 and 19

17 Detour

 From BART Concord to BART North Concord/Martinez – No Service at Bonifacio at Grant (this direction only)

L         Park   St.

R         Grant   St.

R         Pacheco St.

L         East   St. onto Grant St. to

R         Grant St. onto Solano Way

R         Olivera   Rd.

L         Port   Chicago Highway

R         BART station entrance

R         BART bus service road.


From BART North Concord/Martinez to BART Concord – No Stops Affected

Follow regular route to: East St.

R         Pacheco St.

L         Colfax St.

L         Salvio St. to regular route.



Route #19 Detour for November 2012 thru January 2013.

Northbound – Stops affected are:

Grant/ Pacheco, Grant/Bonifacio and Bonifacio/Concord Ave

Start    BART Service Road

Left      Park St.

Right   Grant St.

Left      Willow Pass Rd.

Right   Concord Ave. to Regular Route.


Southbound – No stops affected