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  • Hello. I have an job interview scheduled for today at 12:30 in Antioch; my prospective employer told me that “there’s a bus that will take you from Concord to a bus stop in Antioch that’s about 10 minutes from Hillcrest.” Using the Trip Planner at, I am repeatedly instructed to either take BART (not an option) or to have begun my trip yesterday afternoon.

    IS there a County Connection bus that will pick me up in Concord (near the BART station) and deliver me to Antioch? Please advise; I’m having a hard time understanding the routes as they are summarized in the website. Please let me know if all hope is lost (or at least, if I need to delay my job interview indefinitely until the strike is over). Thank you for your help!


    • Hi Jennifer…sorry for the delay. County Connection has one route that runs between the Hillcrest P n R and WC BART. However…it runs in the commute direction only, so in the morning the bus runs from hillcrest to WC BART, and then in the evening from WC back to Hillcrest.

      There is a bus operated by Tri Delta that runs from Conc. BART to Pittburg BART. Here’s the link

      You’ll need to check with them to see what runs from Pittsburge BART to your location.

  • Most East Bay Bus Services operate weekend service on holidays. Could this be a topic when the next ATU contract expires?

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