BART Strike – County Connection

BART Strike

BART workers are on strike. County Connection has set up temporary bus stops on perimeter streets outside the BART stations.

Walnut Creek BART

Pleasant Hill BART

N.Concord BART

Orinda BART

Concord BART

Lafayette BART



Due to anticipated traffic delays on freeways and surface streets our local service may be delayed. County Connection riders can get real time arrival predictions from Bus Tracker, the new program recently introduced that provides real time arrival predictions for any bus route in the system.

BART will operate charter bus service from the Walnut Creek and Dublin BART stations beginning at 5:30 AM. More information on this service can be found at

Commuters are urged to plan ahead and consider altering work schedules, carpooling, or telecommuting. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has established a web page to keep commuters up to date on BART strike activity, traffic conditions, casual carpool pick-up locations, BART bus service options, and other transit and ridesharing options.


31 thoughts on “BART Strike

  • So County Connection is not providing any NEW service during a BART strike? Contra Costa County residents need a way through the Caldecott Tunnel in order to access AC Transit’s Transbay bus lines. If County Connection is not doing that, then it’s not going to be useful to very many people. This is one of County Connection’s few opportunities to demonstrate its utility to the vast majority of County residents who pay dearly through sales taxes to subsidize County Connection service, yet never set foot in any County Connection bus. County Connection does not appear to be meeting that test.

    • We’re very sorry to see this breakdown in negotioans as well. We were never meantto provide regional service – we are the local service provider. BART has regional funds to provide charter bus service into Oakland and San Francisco. The vast majority of our riders to not interact with the BART system and it wouldn’t be fair to our local riders to pull service off routes they use to attempt to provide regional service. Like most other local transit providers, the limited number of spare buses and drivers can’t begin to replace a regional rail service such as BART.

  • County Connection should run a direct bus to Walnut Creek from Concord Bart during the strike. Bart and Mtc have money. Cccta forgets that full fare riders who commute subsidize seniors and disabled. Cccta is part of the regional system Cccta should step up during difficult times. stop making excuses and run an express bus to Walnut Creek during the strike.

  • Route 6 was a disaster today. All buses off schedule.
    Diagrams for temporary bus stops are absolutely useless. Hard to read.

    • Are you referring to the Orinda temporary stops….we’re making revisions to provide more detail. Our “keep it simple” approach was obviously not what was needed. Our sincere apologies.

      A lot of our service was off schedule as we anticipated. Hopefully this will be short-lived.

  • Your website hasn’t been updated since the 28th of last month concerning the BART strike. It’s not a possible strike. They have already struck.

    • I’ll revise the old release…you’re right, been focused on other updates.

    • Unfortunately, the charter buses aren’t going both ways :(. For now try investigating carpools.

  • Is there any bus that will go into Oakland or SF from the Walnut Creek Bart? I thought I saw on the news that there was. If so where will it be located for boarding.
    Also is there a bus that goes from Walnut Creek to Concord Bart?

    • 1) Yes. BART has charter buses leaving WC BART from 5-9 AM. They are all staged on N. Calif. right outside the BART station.
      2) Route 15 travels from WC BART to Concord BART.

  • Was wondering if there are going to be any shuttles between Pittsburg/Baypoint BART and the Concord BART stations over the weekend, does anyone have any information on this?

  • How am I to get from Oakland to the East Bay/pleasant hill? Is there ANY Transit options through the Caldecott tunnel? It seems like there is a need? No?

    • Yes. there is a need, but unfortunately the charter buses are only going one way. Check out carpools if this drags on.

  • Once again, I must state that County Connection should run shuttles from Concord to Walnut Creek early in the am during the BART strike. The 11 route could run like the 311. CCCta should step up like other transit agencies .

  • Does County Connection have a bus that goes from Dublin/Pleasanton to Embarcadero in San Francisco? I am new to public transit and not sure how to find the correct route. Please tell me which bus/time would get me to the Embarcadero station by 7:30am daily.

    • No we don’t. We operate in central Contra Costa. I understand the BART charter buses were full by 7:00 AM. Your best bet for now will be to try to find others in your situation at a park ‘n ride lot – a lot of casual carpools are forming. Here is map of park ‘n ride lots in the area.

  • I live in Oakland and work in Walnut Creek. I have no car. There isn’t a bus that will take me there. Or is there? Nothing is clear! So frustrating!

    • There isn’t any bus service in this corridor. BART is running the charter buses INTO Oakland from WC, but I don’t know if those same buses are coming back to WC. If they are, it would make sense to allow reverse commuters to ride, but I don’t have that answer, so you’ll need to check with BART. I only have the central county number for customer service – 925-676-2278 it might be pretty busy. Good luck.

  • Does not the 93X provide a good option for eastern CC County folks going to SF via the Walnut Creek BART station?

  • There needs to be a way to get to Walnut Creek from North Concord and
    Concord. I can’t use the walnut Creek bus because there’s no way to get there early in the morning. Let the empty buses going to the
    stations from the yard leave as little earlier and pick up passengers
    on Port Chicago That would be a huge help,

    • From Concord BART you can take the 15. First bus gets to WC at 6:29. But you’re right, nothing direct from N. Concord. I can pass on your suggestion, but know there is a lot to the scheduling of operator time I know nothing about.

  • Mary. You have been on the hotseat,here. And you’ve done.well.However, I still.think that, if equipment and operators are available, County Connection could provide a connection to AC at our 20th&Broadway transit center, providing some of your riders a way to.get around,.and making them prouder of the County Connection for.attempting to help out

    • Biggest challenge is operators. We’re in the process of recruiting for a new training class now. Primary focus was keeping our service whole for the majority of commuters here that use our local service. The miniscule amount of resources we had wouldn’t have even been noticed. Biggest need we saw was in moving people to the BART shuttles – but even those proved to be insufficient. Let’s hope there’s not a repeat.

  • Can we get an update for the current strike? I saw something about buses going from Oakland to Walnut Creek around 6 and 7:15am. How much of this info is still up to date?

    • The schedule of buses of buses going to and from Oakland was updated last night. What you see here is current.

  • Is there anyway to find out about carpools or rideshares from Concord &/or Walnut Creek Bart to Pittsburg Bart ? Also from Pittsburg Bart to concord, Martinez or walnut creek Bart stations.

    There are no buses from walnut creek or Martinez Bart to Pittsburg? The Concord bus last one at around 7pm which was missed last nite. No bus from concord Bart to martinez Bart? Then a taxi could be affordable to pittsburg Bart.

    Taxi from concord Bart to pittsburg Bart about $30.

    Weekends no buses from wc, Martinez or concord to pittsburg at all.

    Can any additional buses be added?

    • To find out about ridesharing try They work with the air district to encourage carpooling. The only bus I know of between Concord BART and Pittsburg BART is operated by Tri Delta. This must be the one you refer to. During the week there are a couple buses between Martinez and central county BART stations. From Martinez Amtrak the Rt. 28 goes to North Concord, Routes 16 & 19 go to Concord BART, and Rt. 18 goes to Pleasant Hill BART, and Rt. 98X goes to Walnut Creek BART.You’re right that there is not bus service from Pittsburg BART to central Contra Costa on weekends, and at this time we have no plans to operate any additional weekend service.

      I hope this helps.

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