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Public Workshops for Proposed Rt. 25 Re-route and Rt. 98X Elimination

Public Workshops in September for #25 re-route and #98X elimination

The Central Contra Costa Transit Authority will be conducting two public workshops to receive comment on re-routing the #25 (Lafayette BART to Walnut Creek BART via Mt. Diablo Blvd.) to attract more riders, and eliminating the #98X (Walnut Creek BART to Martinez via #680) as funding support dictates higher ridership. 

Workshops will be held at the Lafayette Chamber of Commere, located at 100 Lafayette Circle, #103, on Thursday, September 30, 2010  between the hours of 4pm and 6pm, and at the City of Martinez Council Chambers, located at 525 Henrietta St., on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.  

Route #25:  Various route alternatives will be discussed to attract more riders to the route #25 including running the bus on local streets between Pleasant Hill Road and the Walnut Creek BART station.  One option being considered would use Old Tunnel Road, Saranap and Boulevard Way.   Another option would use Olympic Blvd. 

Route #98X:  Funding for this route has been from bridge toll revenues and MTC requires a 20% farebox ratio (20% of the operating cost must be paid by the fares).  This is not being met and therefore funding of the route will no longer be available.  For this reason the CCCTA is proposing to eliminate the route.  All the destinations on this route can be accessed using other local CCCTA routes. 

Those unable to attend the public hearings are encouraged to submit comments in writing to:  The County Connection, Director of Planning, 2477 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord, CA. or

33 thoughts on “Public Workshops for Proposed Rt. 25 Re-route and Rt. 98X Elimination

  • I happen to take the 98x to go to my doctor in martinez for my heart.If this route is eliminated how will me and others in the walnut creek area get to the hospital?Are you willing to pay for the cab trip?I don’t have kaiser ins and have no other way to get medical help.If you have to cut the trips to every 90 minutes,anything but don’t lose it.If you need to lose the #25,nobody takes it anyway.It’s the bus to nowhere.Please keep the 98X

  • I used to take the 98X to school (DVC) every weekday from Walnut Creek BART from the 21 (Danville to Walnut Creek). It was such a convenience to be able to take an express after the 21 route and wait at BART early in the morning. I wish more people would take advantage of it. Taking BART from WC to Martinez is more expensive too. I am willing to pay 25 cents more often to get somewhere a lot faster.

  • I protest, in strongest terms, the proposed elimination of CCCTA Route 98X, which runs every 30 minutes. This Route is the only CCCTA Express Route that isn’t a commuter route, and is used by many transit dependent riders to get to the County Medical Center, or the County Administrative Building for meetings. Often riders do not have the extra 25 cents to put in the fare box. The only other CCCTA Bus serving the Medical Center is Route 16, (runs every 40 minutes), and is reached by Route 15, (runs every 65 minutes.)
    An expansion of the County Medical Center is under study.

  • Please do not eliminate Route 98X.
    Im a DVC student and also a SF State Student.
    It is so convinient to me to take the 98X from Contra Costa/Viking to WC BART. It’s not only convinient money wise, but also time wise. it only takes about 10min to get to WC BART. That is super fast! On the Contrary I would have to take the 20 to Concord, which takes like 20min, then wait for BART and from Concord to WC its aother 10min of Commute. It will take me about 30-40more minutes to commute to SF. 98X its a good route!

  • Rather than eliminate Route 98X, a better solution would be to raise the Regular Fare to $3; $1 for Senior/Disabled. Many riders don’t carry change, but carry dollar bills, and don’t carry Punch Cards as they’re not commuters, as on the other 90X Routes. Route 98X has many more riders than Route 25, which is just under consideration for re-routing, not elimination.

    • Thank you for your comments. They will be made part of the public record. Please stay tuned for the final outcome of the public workshop and the final Board decision.

  • There is need for fixed route CCCTA Bus Service to AMTRAK, The County Medical Center & The County Administrative Offices ’til 11pm.
    1. AMTRAK trains arrive @ the Intermodal Terminal @ 8:56pm (San Joaquin Train 717), 7:40pm, 7:44pm, 840pm, 9:09pm, 10:10pm & 10:24pm (Capitol Corridor Trains 544, 546, 548. 549, 551, 553, 10:54pm (Coastal Starlight Train 769)
    2. The County Med Center has transit dependent patients ’til 11pm
    3. The County Admin Bldg has meetings w/transit dependent persons ’til 11pm.

  • The above could be done by extending the last 4 round trips of Route 16 to downtown Martinez, or by adding 4 round trips of Route 98X.

  • Please do not eliminate the 98X, but if you do please consider running an express service between Martinez and any of the BART stations.

    I live in Martinez and take the 98X to WC BART to connect to San Francisco. Sometimes I need to commute to San Ramon and connect very efficiently to the 95X or 96X. As another rider had suggested, raising the fare to $3 is acceptable to me if that helps funding.

    I used to take the Amtrak – North Concord BART bus, but that now takes too long (1 hour!)If you can run a real express service between Martinez and North Corcord, I could take that bus.

  • I happen to go San Francisco often for classes, and art supplies I cannot purchase near Martinez. 98x happens to be my emergency route to and from San Francisco for my classes. And ever since the 16 was changed from stopping at Pleasant Hill BART to Concord BART, I’ve been using 98x more since it fitted my travel time schedule. If 98x goes, travel is going to be that much more irritating for me, and plenty of other bus users I know.

  • Please do NOT eliminate 98X. I live in Hercules and work in San Ramon. I get a ride to Martinez to catch 98X to WC Bart then hop on to 96X/95X. This whole trip, (point A to point B) already takes a little less than 2 hours. If 98X is eliminated, it will definitely take more than 2 hours to get to San Ramon since I’ll have to transfer to another non-express bus just to reach WC Bart.

    Increasing the fare sounds more reasonable than eliminating this route completely.


  • i understand that the bus itself isnt making enough money, but what about those of us that use things like the monthly passes? are those even considered?

  • I am a regular rider of Route 98X, and thus far has been the most reliable modes of transport. Whenever I ride 98X, I would usually transfer from Tri Delta Transit Route 200 which runs near my house.

    Upon transfering into Route 98X, I would then catch this bus to DVC or head straight towards Walnut Creek.

    If this route were to be eliminated, my transportation costs would double because I would have to then catch BART to Concord and pay again to catch Route # 20 just to get to DVC.

    What I have noticed with Routes #28 & Route 98X is this: Route 98X is routed in a less densly populated downtown areas of Martinez as 28 runs through a more residential neighborhood, but gets most of its passengers from DVC.

    So my suggestion for intising more riders to ride 98X. Since there is already a transit center at DVC, and most riders comming to or from Walnut Creek or Martinez is actually heading towards DVC, why don’t 98X reroute the line so that both northbound, and southbound routes would stop at DVC transit center. This way, more students would have an opporturnity to catch the express bus rather than having to walk 15 minutes to Contra Costa.

  • I am another patron of the 98X who needs access to the RMC for clinic appointments. I am willing to pay a higher fare as a disabled rider. I will otherwise need to obtain access to the dial a ride CCCTA services to get to appointments. Since the RMC is getting so busy, it is hard to get appointments compatible to local routes/connections. It is a hardship to travel 3 hours each way while waiting 2 hours for a half hour appointment. Take pity on the old and infirm. The MTC might allow a variance for the route?

  • If the 98X route is stopped passengers will have to wait longer for the 9 to come and take a longer ride to Walnut Creek. This is unfair to the riders that need to go back and forth to worth everyday. I think the 98X is the best and fastest route to go if you need to travel. Please keep this route. THANK YOU.

  • I take the 98X because it is the earliest bus that leaves Amtrak. I take it to Concord than I have to walk 1.5 miles to my destination. I used to take 19 (119) but it runs every 2 hours and can’t get me to where I need to be in the mornings. Raise the fare I don’t care just don’t eliminate it.

  • A good idea for route 25 is to run it from Walnut Creek Bart down California st. to Olympic, then follow mt. Diablo to the Lafayette BART sta. a lot of stores are on or near Olympic, Safeway longs ect, I like to go down this way but no bus, and it goes by some schools, and it is an easier way to get from that part of Walnut creek to downtown Lafayette . I will uses this bus in both directions. I have been a 10 yr. rider.
    Ps It can transfer to the # 1 near Rossmoor so lots of seniors can use it to go to down town Lafayette and down town wc.

  • Steven Gamble’s idea is great. It would let Rossmoor residents transfer from Route 1 to get off at N California at Cole, cross the street, and take Route 25 to the new Lafayette Library and Senior Center. Alternately, Layfette Seniors can get off at N California and Cole, go 3 short blocks to the new Walnut Creek Library and Senior Center. Both Lafayette and Rossmoor residents can access the Route 4 Free Trolley at the Lesher Center, a one block walk.

  • SAVE THE 98X!
    I live in Rossmoor & work in Fresno. The 98X is PERFECT for me. I discovered it about 2 years ago. On Monday mornings I drive down to Walnut Creek BART & take the 7:20 northbound to connect with Amtrak in Martinez. On returning on Thursdays, I catch the last southbound 98X at 6:50 back to Walnut Creek BART. I couldn’t ask for better connections or convenience.

    For what it’s worth, if this line is eliminated my commute will be a nightmare. There is NO other direct bus that travels between Walnut Creek BART & AmTrak.

    I can easily see why canceling the 98X might make some sense. I imagine that not very many people know that the 98X makes 22 round trips per weekday! That is a whole LOT of trips. Would cutting those roundtrips down to 11 per day or so make better sense?

    I see others have suggested raising the fare on “Express” busses. That might be worth it for many people. It might be considered a small price to pay for “Express” service.

    Lastly, your bus drivers are great. They give very helpful info & they are surprisingly pleasant. The County Connection is my kind of bus line!


  • I agree with all of the above points.If the 98x is eliminated why not switch the #16 back to the old route?It took longer but it still served the basic 98X route a few tweeks in it and you have a similar route

  • Don’t eliminate the 98X. It would add at least an hour to my commute if I have to ride the 16 every morning.

  • Please tell me there is a way to keep the route 98x. I understand budget shortfalls and the cost of runnig the bus so frequently probably cost a lot of money. However has a DVC student who lives in Walnut Creek and owns no vehicle I have become completely dependent on the 98x. I use it twice a day 4 times a week as it is the fastest way from Walnut Creek to DVC, even though it doesn’t go there directly which is almost a complete mystery to me, I believe alot of students aren’t aware this bus exists. That being said for the people who do know about the 98x it is a great benefit because many of the riders although few are very loyal too the 98x line becasue it gets them where they need to be quickly and for a fair price. Please find a way to keep it even a price increase would be acceptable, this is the only bus I use of your service, I really dont see any other options as viable bart to another bus route would tack on to much time to my commute. At that point it would just be faster to grab my bike and ride to school. Thank you for your time.

  • Please, do not remove 98x. this is a big help for a lot of students, not only for DVC but also for students going to SF but lives in Martinez.

    It takes forever to use the 16 and 18. But with 98x, we can do more and save time.


  • It is no doubt that eliminating line 98X will leave many working adults and students without a viable mode of transportation. That kind of hardship certainly qualifies as an argument for retaining 98X. I’m not going to guess why 98X is on the chopping block since I don’t know if the 20% rider ratio applies to all CCCTA lines.
    The point is, as a transit agency, the job of CCCTA is to provide public transportation for CC county in the most effective manner. Do we need any further proof to see that line 98X is the main , if not the only, connection among Martinez/Amtrak, SV Mall/DVC, and WC Bart within 35 min window? That’s essentially north of county to south of county, plus links to Solano and Alameda Counties.
    The solution can be any or the combination of the following:
    -raised fare for 98X.
    -cut services for other CCCTA lines to supplement 98X.
    -if absolutely necessary, cut one or two trips that have lowest ridership.

    Thank you

  • Regarding Route 25, I’d suggest making this route a LAF BART and new Lafayette Library to new new Walnut Creek Library, and WC BART route would increase ridership the most. That’s because public libraries are used by non-driving youth and elderly groups and are ~ half of CCCTA’s riders. The bus could go from WC BART S on N California, W on Mt Diablo to LAF BART, and return E on Mt Diablo, N on Broadway past the new WC Library/Senior Center, and back to WC BART. The Library Foundations might even help funding the route.

  • Today I rode the 98X to my doctor at ccrmc.If I lose this I will add at least 1to2hrs to my commute time each way.There are alot who use this route for medical reasons.I live in walnut creek and frankly have no other way to get to my med appts.Between us for medical reasons,students,and working people we need this route!Do anything,increase the fare,reduce off peak runs,eliminate the #25route,but please keep this route

  • The 98x is a lifeline to those of us who must go to the hospital, veteran’s center, court functions, or law library in Martinez.

    To get to those destinations from Walnut Creek BART would take hours longer, our tranfers would expire, and we’d be priced out of even the bus system.

    Please find a way to retain 98x — a true lifeline for those who have no other means to get to these essential services.

  • I live in Fairfield and use Capitol Corridor connecting with 98x to get to work which is near WC BART. Even with 98x, there are only a few train-bus connectors in the morning and evening with less than a 30- minute wait time for either train or bus. I have checked all other possible combinations of routes from/to Amtrak & different BART stations and all of them would add a minimum of an hour to my commute time – which means using public transportation a no go.

    (The above is why I think it’s disingenuous to say all destinations served by 98x ‘can be accessed’ by other CCTA routes — does it make sense to remove any time / effort / distance component from access? I could access all the destinations by foot if I had 24 hours every day to walk & the stamina)

  • Do not eliminate the 98X. When you realigned routes, they became much more circuitous, as the 16 (116) is an example, having to travel along Monument to reach Martinez. You don’t seem to understand that travel time is an important factor to your riders. The 98X provides the most direct route alignment to/from popular destination points (Walnut Creek, DVC, Amtrak, Alhambra corridor)
    and its hours of operation need to be extended about 2 hrs. at night.
    If you are going to transfer RM2 funds to a new 10X, then transfer back some of the current route 10 funds to keep the 98X in operation. In other words, swamp funding.

  • As a disabled vet I am a patient at the VA Clinic in Martinez. To get there I take the 98X from BART Walnut Creek to AMTRAK where I transfer to the #28 to the VA Clinic. How else can I get to the clinic if the #98X is eliminated. I don’t know the alternative(s).

  • 98X – Please keep the 98X. Going to Amtrak and catching/connecting to any train without having to wait 3 or more hours would be almost impossible without the 98X from Walnut Creek. The N. Concord/Martinez BART station is not near the Amtrak. Please look at all the busses and connection times before eliminating it. The only other way to go to Amtrak would be Richmond BART or SF; and who wants to go to Richmond?

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  • The number of responses to this news item is:
    * An indication of how much riders value Route 98X.
    * How useful this blog feature of the new website is in geting rider responses, without the need for costly hearings or time consuming surveys. Just imagine if you published this capability via a press release to Dennis Cuff, or a notice on every bus.

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