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Real Time Bus Tracker Debuts

On Wednesday, Dec. 5th County Connection rolled out Bus Tracker, a system that provides real time information about where the bus is and when it will arrive at the bus stop.

Bus Tracker has been installed on all County Connection’s fixed route buses and the software uses GPS location data to predict arrival times.  Buses transmit their location every thirty seconds via the Sprint network enabling Bus Tracker to predict arrival times and make bus location information available to the public on the web.  All you need is access to the internet to see where buses are on-route, and to see when the next bus is predicted to arrive at your stop.  The map view uses the familiar Google map as a base to show buses progressing along the transit routes.  Riders can view the upcoming bus arrival times by selecting any bus stop in the system.

“An exciting feature of Bus Tracker is the ability to set up a personalized account to receive alerts about when the next bus will arrive,” said Erling Horn, County Connection Board Chair.

“The implementation of Bus Tracker is the latest upgrade to the on-board computer system”, said Director of Planning, Anne Muzzini.  “This upgrade will give bus riders peace of mind and that is particularly important in a suburban area like ours because the bus comes less often than in an urban area.”

Now that customer service agents can see where buses are and what the predicted arrival time is, even riders without access to the internet will get more accurate information.  Prior to being able to use Bus Tracker customer service agents relied on the “scheduled” times.  Now they can see if a bus is caught in traffic.

Visit and click the Bus Tracker button get started or to set up a personalized account for arrival alerts.

County Connection operates a fleet of 112 clean diesel and 9 hybrid diesel buses in fixed route service and 63 gas powered vans in door-to-door service.  For assistance with Bus Tracker please call Customer Service at 676-7500.

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    • We’re getting very close! Just recently the installation of the equipment was completed on the fleet. Next we have to go through a couple phases of testing the power and communication systems, and then finally do actual field testing with active ticket. We’re expecting to launch Nov. 1

      At that time seniors can use their senior Clipper card and have the discounted fares apply to the stored cash value. There will also be a day pass associated with cash value payments so that the most a senior passenger will pay is $1.75 for all trips, and the most an adult or student will pay is $3.75.

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