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Riders Spare The Air in April

In April, County Connection bus passengers “Spared the Air” of 22,642 pounds of CO2 emissions EVERY WEEKDAY by taking the bus instead of driving. It doesn’t take much to do your part. If you leave your car home one day a week you’ll reduce CO2 emissions by 7.68 pounds that day alone. Learn more about our routes and schedules by using the on-line trip planner, or by calling 925-676-7500.

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  • With gas prices rising, riders are saving more money while helping our Country to become more Energy Independent.

  • The first factor that makes up the price of gas at your local station is crude oil suppliers. This makes up about 59% of the price you pay for gas and it is determined by the world’s oil-exporting countries, particularly OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. The amount of crude oil that these countries produce determines the price per barrel of oil.-..

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