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Route 98 Update

At present, efforts are being made to retain the 98X service in response to public comment from riders.  More information will be available as financial and service plans are discussed and developed.

11 thoughts on “Route 98 Update

  • Thank you for the info posted here 10-5-2010.The 98X is a important run to many riders (students,medical appts,work,etc).We depend on it.Thank you for reponding to the riders voices

    • Please keep 09X on . it is faster to walnut creek Bart And martinez Because i ride it a lot to the dr and and walnut creek Bart please get back to me

  • Thank you very much for trying to keep the 98X service to Sun Valley Mall and Amtrak.

  • I roder the 98X for the first time. It’s such a convenient line & schedule for getting to courthouse. Thanks for making that service possible!

  • Thank you for the update about trying to retain the 98X route. As a college student this bus route has been very important to my ability to come home for the weekends and holidays from Amtrak for the past four years.

  • Thank You CCTA I truely appreciate it. 98X is very important for me so that I can get to & from DVC fairly quickly. If you are considering increasing ridership maybe you can make a quick detour on the campus since there is already a tranist hub with many riders.

    Thank you again.

  • I am pleased to understand that the 98X will remain in service. It is vital for people getting back & forth to the Mall and WC. Imagine managing your career with the 98X a fond memory. I regret not getting involved earlier. Thank you, Marian

  • THe 98x route is very convienent and used by many for a quick trip to BART, Sun Valley Mall and DVC and Walnut Creek and Amtrak. I live near Amtrak and of all bus routes that service Amtrak, this one makes the most difference to me in connecting Martinez to the rest of the county and BART and the rest of the BAy Area. Please keep it running all day long. It is not just for commuters. I have met MDs on this bus who needed a quick connection between Regional Med Ctr and BART. These are everybody’s wheels. Lets keep them rolling.

  • SAVE THE 98X!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I live in Rossmoor & work in Fresno. The 98X is PERFECT for me. On Monday mornings I drive down to Walnut Creek BART & take the 7:20 northbound to connect with Amtrak in Martinez. On Thursdays, I catch the last southbound 98X at 6:50 back to Walnut Creek BART. I couldn’t ask for better connections or convenience.

    For what it’s worth, if this line is eliminated my commute will be a nightmare. THERE IS NO OTHER BUS THAT TRAVELS BETWEEN WALNUT CREEK & AMTRAK.

    Lastly, your bus drivers are great. They give very helpful info & they are surprisingly pleasant. The County Connection is my kind of bus line!


  • The 98x is a great route. A pleasant ride every morning and has done wonders for my commute. Keep it alive

  • Yes the 98 is Deffinently needed I’ve spoken to other riders who feel the same Some I’ve seen with Disabilites ride the 98. I need it to make connections Possible as others do. So Please keep it Running Thank you.

    J Roseberry

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