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Saint Mary’s Gael Rail Shuttle Resumes 8/25/11

The popular late night service between Lafayette BART and Saint Mary’s College will resume service on Thursday, August 25th. The service runs Thursday through Sunday evenings when regular service on the Route 6 ends, and was put in place by Saint Mary’s College to allow students the ability to travel between the College and neighboring communities on weekend evenings whether or not they have access to a car.

Service on both Route 6 and the Gael Rail Shuttle is free to Saint Mary’s students with a valid student ID card and are open to the public at standard fixed-rate fares. The Gael Rail Shuttle is operated using a LINK van and travels from Lafayette BART to the College via Moraga Rd. stopping at all posted bus stops. A unique feature of the Gael Rail Shuttle is that it will stop at safe locations between stops when passengers request, or “flag” down the driver by waving. The shuttle will also travel off route in designated areas to drop off or pick up passengers closer to their destinations.

Information on schedules and pick up requests for the Gael Rail Shuttle is available by calling 943-1829.

2 thoughts on “Saint Mary’s Gael Rail Shuttle Resumes 8/25/11

  • Why doesn’t the Route 250 Gael Rail Shuttle go from Lafayette BART to St. Mary’s College to Orinda BART, via Moraga Way, the route taken by Route 6?

    • Saint Mary’s College subsidizes this route, wishing to provide late night access between the college and a BART station to students over the weekends. Linking to just one station allows for more frequent service based on the number of operating hours they can fund.

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