Service Changes Begin Dec. 26th – County Connection

Service Changes Begin Dec. 26th

County Connection will not be in service on Sunday, December 25th, and several bus routes in will undergo changes effective Monday, December 26, 2011. On Monday, County Connection will operate on a weekend schedule – there are no changes planned for any of the 300 Series weekend bus routes.

The remaining schedule changes are made to accommodate passenger requests, changing school bell times, as well as changing traffic conditions. The new schedules are available now by contacting Customer Service at 925-676-7500, and will be distributed to BART stations, City Offices, libraries, and hospitals beginning December 15th. Changes will be posted on the agency website, December 23. For immediate schedule information, please call Customer Service at 676-7600.

Changes To Weekday Schedules

  • Routes 2 and 5  –  Several morning and afternoon trips have been adjusted.
  • Route 20  –  Service is being added between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM affecting all trips
  • Route 98X  –  The entire schedule has been rewritten.

 Changes to 600 Series Routes

  • Route 603  –  All school day morning trips leaving Camino Pablo at Canyon are adjusted to leave approximately 10 minutes earlier.
  • Route 616  –  The school day trip leaving Concord BART at 7:20 AM will leave 15 minutes earlier.
  • Route 622  –  All running times are adjusted.

2 thoughts on “Service Changes Begin Dec. 26th

  • I called Customer Service and was told that the changes to Routes 2, 5, and 98X were all minor time adjustments.
    I had suggested that Route 2 be combined with Route 5 and go down Broadway. This could increase ridership of these 2 low rider Routes.
    I’m concerned that a fare increase is looming in the future. A better step may be to tighten our generous free transfer policy.

    • The route 2 and 5 are interlined (in a sense, combined) at the BART station which is why the connections are noted on each schedule. They both also run on streets just one short block from the main downtown street (Main and Locust).

      As for the looming fare increase, I don’t believe the finance committee is going to recommend implementing the fare increase that was planned for the summer of 2012. Any change in our transfer policy will most likely be considered in the bigger picture of fare structure changes. We actually relaxed the transfer times back in 2009 when we cut service and reduced the frequency of buses. In many cases it’s impossible for people to make connections with just a one hour transfer, when the buses run hourly (or longer) mainly in the mid day.

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