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Service Changes Effective November 13, 2022

Winter service changes will take effect starting Sunday, November 13, 2022, and will include changes to Routes 10, 28, 35, 321, 335, 608, 622, and 636.

RouteChangeNew Schedule
10Renamed time point Washington/Clayton. Timetable unchanged.Download PDF
28Rerouted to Center. Added AM trip leaving Amtrak at 6:50.
Times adjusted.
Download PDF
35Northbound times adjusted.Download PDF
321Northbound times adjusted 6 minutes earlier.Download PDF
335Northbound times adjusted 6 minutes earlier.
Southbound times adjusted 2 minutes earlier.
Download PDF
608Removed from service. Stops now served by Route 28.See Route 28 Schedule.
622Times adjusted 10 minutes later and extended route to
Bollinger Canyon/N Gale Ridge.
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636Times adjusted 10 minutes later from Pine Valley/Broadmoor.Download PDF