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Summer Youth Passes Now Available

If you (or you children) are between the ages 6-18 remember to purchase the Summer Youth Pass instead of the regular punch card. This promotional 20-Ride pass sells for just $15 and is good through September 30, 2012. You can purchase the Summer Youth passes at many of County Connection’s ticket sales outlets (look for the SY), on-line, or through the mail.

5 thoughts on “Summer Youth Passes Now Available

  • My son recently purchase a ticket which he thought was a Youth Bus pass come to find out it wasn’t. I’m upset because this ticket was purchased at DVC college and once the ticket was purchased there are any refund or exchanges therefore we are at a lost for the summer pass. Which now I have spent $20 in addition to having to pay for a youth bus pass. Please help with this problem.

  • questions: can student qualify to receive transfer tix from bus while using the summer pass? need a transfer to wheels bus

    • Yes. Just make sure you get the transfer when you first get on the bus.

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