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Tuesday, June 21 Is A Spare The Air Day

Tomorrow has been declared a “Spare The Air” Day where ground-level concentration of ozone pollution is forecast to be unhealthy. Auto use is one of the primary contributors, so please try to use alternatives. Plan your transit trip now.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 21 Is A Spare The Air Day

  • In better economic times, public transit riders rode free on Summer “Spare The Air” Days. Now there is no incentives to ride public transit, other than riding in A/C instead of walking or riding a bike in the heat. In Winter there are fines for smoke coming from chimneys on Spare The Air Days. Why can’t the BAAQMD create incentives or penalties for driver only cars?

  • The BAAQMD heard us! SB-582 (Yee,SF) was passed last week by the Senate & Assembly, and is on Gov. Brown’s desk. Also supported by MTC, BART and AC Transit this bill would put CA employers on the hook for subsidizing workers’ commutes if they travel by public transit, bikes or carpools.
    Call or e-mail Gov. Brown to sign this Bill!
    Details are in Denis Cuff’s article on Page AA5 of today’s Contra Costa Times.

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