Youths Help Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption And Save Money with Summer Youth Pass – County Connection

Youths Help Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption And Save Money with Summer Youth Pass

With oil spewing off the coast of Louisiana, more attention has focused on what we can do in our day-to-day habits to protect the earth and lower consumption of fossil fuels. An easy answer for youths to participate in “going green” is to use public transportation. Students who learn how to ride the bus at an early age are more likely to use transit as a commute alternative when they reach adulthood, learning responsible independence, as well as helping the environment.

The County Connection has ambassadors who can help train youths – and adults – to navigate the bus system. Customer service can also help trip plan and answer questions. Many passes are available to help patrons save money. For youths, The County Connection’s Summer Youth bus passes are on sale now. The Summer Youth 20-Ride Pass continues to sell for $15, keeping fares down to as little as 75 cents a ride and $25 less than cash fares. Passes can be used for multiple individual trips or for single use with a large group. They are good on all County Connection fixed-route buses. Buses stop at BART, Amtrak, malls, and theaters. The pass is valid until September 30th so parents can have a break on transportation costs when kids return to school in the fall.

“This is an easy way for kids to do their part to Go Green and have fun at the same time,” said Gayle Uilkema, County Connection’s Board Chair. “After all, more friends can ride together on the bus.”

In addition to low prices on Summer Youth passes, County Connection staff will be boarding random bus lines with mascot, Mr. Safe T. Rex, to promote their “Ride, Rex, Ride” program. The first person to spot Rex with his travel companion wins a Summer Youth Pass. Updates on Rex’s travels will be posted on County Connection’s website and Facebook page.

The summer youth passes can be purchased through the mail, at most of the agency’s sales outlets throughout the service area, or online. For more information about this program, call the customer service center at 676-7500 or visit