Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card Program

County Connection participates in the Regional Transit Discount Card Program which allows people with disabilities, those traveling with an attendant, and certain veterans to ride at reduced fares on all Bay Area transportation systems. The Bay Area Partnership Transit Coordination Committee (PTCC), administers the Discount Card Program.

The PTCC comprises the following agencies: AC Transit, BART, CalTrans, County Connection, GGBHTD, LAVTA, MTC, Santa Rosa, S.F. Muni, SamTrans, VTA, and Vallejo. Individuals with disabilities who are applying for the RTC Discount Card and do not have a valid Medicare card or DMV placard identification card must secure a physician’s certificate of disability.

Applications are accepted at all San Francisco Bay Area transit agency locations and then forwarded to a central office where applications are reviewed, information is verified, and a determination of eligibility is made. Eligible applicants will be mailed their RTC photo ID card within 21 days.

Upon receiving your Discount ID Card, you are immediately eligible for reduced fares on all participating public transit systems. No additional proof of eligibility is required, but you must show the Discount ID Card at the time you pay the fare.

The non-refundable fee for a new Regional Transit Discount Card is $3.00. The fee for the replacement of a lost card is $5.00.