Fare types & prices

Adult/Youth (6-64 yrs)
Regular Routes$2.00
Express Routes$2.25
Bus-to-Bus Transfer
One transfer within 2 hours
BART-to-Bus Transfer$1.00
Senior (65+)/Disabled
All Routes$1.00
Bus-to-Bus Transfer
One transfer within 2 hours
BART-to-Bus Transfer$0.50

Adult/Youth (6-64 yrs)
All Routes$2.50
Senior (65+)/Disabled
All Routes$1.25
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Clipper Passes
Passes are only available on Clipper
Adult/Youth (6-64 yrs)
Day Pass*$3.75
31-Day Local Pass$60
31-Day Express Pass$70
Senior (65+)/Disabled
Day Pass*$1.75
* Daily fares are automatically capped at this amount

Children under 6 ride free when accompanied by an adult.


Bus-to-bus transfers are only available when using Clipper. One free transfer is automatically applied within 2 hours of initial boarding.

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Senior/Disabled Fares

The following forms of ID are accepted with senior/disabled fares.

  • Regional Transit Connection Discount Card (RTC)
  • State issued photo ID as proof of age 65 or older
  • Photo ID and Medicare Card
  • Photo ID and DMV placard registration receipt
  • Veterans Disability
  • Senior Clipper Card

RTC Discount Card

The RTC Discount ID Card is available to qualified persons with disabilities. RTC Card holders are eligible for reduced fares on bus, rail, and ferry systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. New RTC cards cost $3, and replacement cards cost $5. RTC cards are all Clipper-enabled. RTC applications are available at County Connection offices located at 2477 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord. Acceptable forms of payment are cash (no bills larger than $20) and checks (credit cards are not accepted). For more information, click here.

East Bay Regional 31-Day Pass

The East Bay Regional 31-Day Pass is available only on Clipper and is accepted on all County Connection, Tri Delta, Wheels and WestCAT (except LYNX) fixed-route buses. Click here to learn more.