Route 17 – BART Concord/North Concord – County Connection
6:30AM - 7:15PM
Every 60 min
Concord BART
John Muir Medical Center-Concord
Solano Way
Olivera Rd
North Concord BART

Active Alerts:

Route 17 – Stops Closed Due to Construction

Effective: October 24, 2022 - December 16, 2022

Stops on Grant St at High School and Hospital in both directions will be closed when the outside lanes are closed for construction. Expect delays in the area.

Route 17 - Concord BART to North Concord Martinez BART | Mon-Fri
Concord BART
East St + Bacon St
Solano Way + Olivera Rd
North Concord Martinez BART
7:00am 7:06am 7:11am 7:20am
8:00am 8:06am 8:11am 8:20am
9:00am 9:06am 9:11am 9:20am
10:00am 10:06am 10:11am 10:20am
11:00am 11:06am 11:11am 11:20am
12:00pm 12:06pm 12:11pm 12:20pm
1:00pm 1:06pm 1:11pm 1:20pm
2:00pm 2:06pm 2:11pm 2:20pm
3:00pm 3:06pm 3:11pm 3:20pm
4:00pm 4:06pm 4:11pm 4:20pm
5:00pm 5:06pm 5:11pm 5:20pm
6:00pm 6:06pm 6:11pm 6:20pm
7:00pm 7:06pm 7:11pm 7:20pm
Service not provided on: Nov 24, 2022
Route 17 - North Concord Martinez BART to Concord BART | Mon-Fri
North Concord Martinez BART
Solano Way + Marsh Dr
East St + Bacon St
Concord BART
6:28am 6:36am 6:41am 6:50am
7:28am 7:36am 7:41am 7:50am
8:28am 8:36am 8:41am 8:50am
9:28am 9:36am 9:41am 9:50am
10:28am 10:36am 10:41am 10:50am
11:28am 11:36am 11:41am 11:50am
12:28pm 12:36pm 12:41pm 12:50pm
1:28pm 1:36pm 1:41pm 1:50pm
2:28pm 2:36pm 2:41pm 2:50pm
3:28pm 3:36pm 3:41pm 3:50pm
4:28pm 4:36pm 4:41pm 4:50pm
5:28pm 5:36pm 5:41pm 5:50pm
6:28pm 6:36pm 6:41pm 6:50pm
Service not provided on: Nov 24, 2022