Route 17 – BART Concord/North Concord – County Connection
7:00AM - 7:15PM
Every 60 min
Concord BART
John Muir Medical Center-Concord
Solano Way
Olivera Rd
North Concord BART
Route 17 - North Concord Martinez BART to Concord BART | Mon-Fri
North Concord Martinez BART
Solano Way + Marsh Dr
East St + Bacon St
Concord BART
6:28am 6:36am 6:41am 6:50am
7:28am 7:36am 7:41am 7:50am
8:28am 8:36am 8:41am 8:50am
9:28am 9:36am 9:41am 9:50am
10:28am 10:36am 10:41am 10:50am
11:28am 11:36am 11:41am 11:50am
12:28pm 12:36pm 12:41pm 12:50pm
1:28pm 1:36pm 1:41pm 1:50pm
2:28pm 2:36pm 2:41pm 2:50pm
3:28pm 3:36pm 3:41pm 3:50pm
4:28pm 4:36pm 4:41pm 4:50pm
5:28pm 5:36pm 5:41pm 5:50pm
6:28pm 6:36pm 6:41pm 6:50pm
Route 17 - Concord BART to North Concord BART | Mon-Fri
Concord BART
East St + Bacon St
Solano Way + Olivera Rd
North Concord BART
7:00am 7:06am 7:11am 7:20am
8:00am 8:06am 8:11am 8:20am
9:00am 9:06am 9:11am 9:20am
10:00am 10:06am 10:11am 10:20am
11:00am 11:06am 11:11am 11:20am
12:00pm 12:06pm 12:11pm 12:20pm
1:00pm 1:06pm 1:11pm 1:20pm
2:00pm 2:06pm 2:11pm 2:20pm
3:00pm 3:06pm 3:11pm 3:20pm
4:00pm 4:06pm 4:11pm 4:20pm
5:00pm 5:06pm 5:11pm 5:20pm
6:00pm 6:06pm 6:11pm 6:20pm
7:00pm 7:06pm 7:11pm 7:20pm