7:00AM - 8:30PM Mon-Fri / 9:30AM - 6:45PM Sat-Sun
Every 12 min Mon-Fri / every 20 min Sat-Sun
Walnut Creek BART
Broadway Plaza

Active Alerts:

Weekend Service Adjustments Effective Sat, 4/18

Effective: April 18, 2020

Effective Saturday, April 18, 2020, County Connection will be making temporary weekend service adjustments and cancelling select evening trips on Routes 4, 310, 311, 314, 316, and 321. Timetables shown on our website reflect current temporary schedules.

Route 4 - Walnut Creek BART/Broadway Plaza - Loop | Mon-Fri
Walnut Creek BART
Broadway Plz + Fountain
Walnut Creek BART
6:58am 7:07am 7:23am
7:10am 7:19am 7:35am
7:22am 7:31am 7:47am
7:34am 7:43am 7:59am
7:46am 7:55am 8:11am
7:58am 8:07am 8:23am
8:10am 8:19am 8:35am
8:22am 8:31am 8:47am
8:34am 8:43am 8:59am
8:46am 8:55am 9:11am
8:58am 9:07am 9:23am
9:10am 9:19am 9:35am
9:22am 9:31am 9:47am
9:34am 9:43am 9:59am
9:46am 9:55am 10:11am
9:58am 10:07am 10:23am
10:10am 10:19am 10:35am
10:22am 10:31am 10:47am
10:34am 10:43am 10:59am
10:46am 10:55am 11:11am
10:58am 11:07am 11:23am
11:10am 11:19am 11:35am
11:22am 11:31am 11:47am
11:34am 11:43am 11:59am
11:46am 11:55am 12:11pm
11:58am 12:07pm 12:23pm
12:10pm 12:19pm 12:35pm
12:22pm 12:31pm 12:47pm
12:34pm 12:43pm 12:59pm
12:46pm 12:55pm 1:11pm
12:58pm 1:07pm 1:23pm
1:10pm 1:19pm 1:35pm
1:22pm 1:31pm 1:47pm
1:34pm 1:43pm 1:59pm
1:46pm 1:55pm 2:11pm
1:58pm 2:07pm 2:23pm
2:10pm 2:19pm 2:36pm
2:22pm 2:31pm 2:48pm
2:34pm 2:43pm 3:00pm
2:46pm 2:55pm 3:12pm
2:58pm 3:07pm 3:24pm
3:10pm 3:19pm 3:36pm
3:22pm 3:31pm 3:48pm
3:34pm 3:43pm 4:00pm
3:46pm 3:55pm 4:12pm
3:58pm 4:07pm 4:24pm
4:10pm 4:19pm 4:36pm
4:22pm 4:31pm 4:48pm
4:34pm 4:43pm 5:00pm
4:46pm 4:55pm 5:12pm
4:58pm 5:07pm 5:24pm
5:10pm 5:19pm 5:36pm
5:22pm 5:31pm 5:48pm
5:34pm 5:43pm 6:00pm
5:46pm 5:55pm 6:12pm
5:58pm 6:07pm 6:24pm
6:10pm 6:19pm 6:36pm
6:22pm 6:31pm 6:48pm
6:34pm 6:43pm 7:00pm
6:46pm 6:55pm 7:12pm
6:58pm 7:07pm 7:24pm
7:34pm 7:43pm 7:59pm
8:10pm 8:19pm 8:35pm
Service not provided on: Jul 3, 2020
Route 4 - Walnut Creek BART/Broadway Plaza - Loop | Sat-Sun
Walnut Creek BART
Broadway Plz + Fountain
Walnut Creek BART
9:20am 9:29am 9:45am
9:40am 9:49am 10:05am
10:00am 10:09am 10:25am
10:20am 10:29am 10:45am
10:40am 10:49am 11:05am
11:00am 11:09am 11:25am
11:20am 11:29am 11:45am
11:40am 11:49am 12:05pm
12:00pm 12:09pm 12:25pm
12:20pm 12:29pm 12:45pm
12:40pm 12:49pm 1:05pm
1:00pm 1:09pm 1:25pm
1:20pm 1:29pm 1:45pm
1:40pm 1:49pm 2:05pm
2:00pm 2:09pm 2:25pm
2:20pm 2:29pm 2:45pm
2:40pm 2:49pm 3:05pm
3:00pm 3:09pm 3:25pm
3:20pm 3:29pm 3:45pm
3:40pm 3:49pm 4:05pm
4:00pm 4:09pm 4:25pm
4:20pm 4:29pm 4:45pm
4:40pm 4:49pm 5:05pm
5:00pm 5:09pm 5:25pm
5:20pm 5:29pm 5:45pm
Service provided on: Jul 3, 2020
Service not provided on: Jul 4, 2020