Route 616 – Oak Grove Middle/Concord BART – County Connection
Varies by school bell times
Two AM trips & one PM trip
School Route
Concord BART
Monument Blvd
Oak Grove Rd
Oak Grove Middle

Due to COVID-19, 600-series school route schedules are subject to change. Click here for updates.

Concord BART San Miguel/Galloway Oak Grove/Smith Minert/Weaver
7:15am 7:22am 7:31am 7:43am
— = No service at this timepoint
Minert/Weaver Oak Grove/Monument San Miguel/Galloway Concord BART
7:43am 7:49am 7:54am 8:04am
Wednesdays only
12:54pm 1:02pm 1:07pm 1:15pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only
2:24pm 2:32pm 2:37pm 2:45pm
— = No service at this timepoint