Route 7 – Shadelands/BART PH – County Connection
6:30AM - 10:30AM & 3:00PM - 7:45PM
Every 20 min peak only
Mitchell Park 'n Ride
Treat Blvd
Pleasant Hill BART

Active Alerts:

Stops Closed Until Further Notice

Effective: May 25, 2023 - July 30, 2023

Routes 7, 11, 15: stops closed on Treat between Winton and San Simeon due to construction until further notice.

Route 7 - Pleasant Hill BART/Shadelands - Loop | Mon-Fri
Pleasant Hill BART
Mitchell Dr + Park And Ride Lot
Pleasant Hill BART
6:35am 6:51am 7:08am
6:55am 7:11am 7:28am
7:15am 7:31am 7:48am
7:35am 7:51am 8:08am
7:55am 8:11am 8:28am
8:15am 8:31am 8:48am
8:35am 8:51am 9:08am
8:55am 9:11am 9:28am
9:15am 9:31am 9:48am
9:35am 9:51am 10:08am
9:55am 10:11am 10:28am
3:10pm 3:26pm 3:43pm
3:30pm 3:46pm 4:03pm
3:50pm 4:06pm 4:23pm
4:10pm 4:26pm 4:43pm
4:30pm 4:46pm 5:03pm
4:50pm 5:06pm 5:23pm
5:10pm 5:26pm 5:43pm
5:30pm 5:46pm 6:03pm
5:50pm 6:06pm 6:23pm
6:10pm 6:26pm 6:43pm
6:30pm 6:46pm 7:03pm
6:50pm 7:06pm 7:23pm
7:10pm 7:26pm 7:43pm
Service not provided on: Jul 4, 2023