Route AC – Alamo Creek Shuttle – County Connection
6:00AM - 10:00AM & 3:00PM - 6:30PM
Every 90 min peak only
Alamo Creek
Danville Park 'n Ride
Walnut Creek BART
Alamo Creek Shuttle Map

The Alamo Creek Shuttle is a free service to anyone traveling to and from the Alamo Creek, Monterosso, and Ponderosa Colony housing developments. The Alamo Creek Shuttle serves the Danville Park ‘n Ride and Walnut Creek BART, and may stop at other locations with the 1.5 mile corridor along Camino Tassajara and I-680. The shuttle will pick up at your door.  Call for reservations. Advance reservations can be made 7 days a week.

For reservations call 925-943-1829

Leave Alamo CreekSafewayDanville Park ‘n RideArrive Walnut Creek BARTLeave Walnut Creek BARTDanville Park ‘n RideSafewayArrive Alamo Creek
6:00 – 6:26am6:30am6:40am7:00am7:00am7:25am7:30am
7:30 – 7:55am8:00am8:10am8:30am8:30am8:55am9:00am
9:00 – 9:25am9:30am9:40am10:00am*
3:00pm3:20pm3:30pm3:35 – 4:00pm
4:00pm4:05pm4:30pm4:30pm4:50pm5:00pm5:05 – 5:30pm
*Bus does not return to Alamo Creek.
**Bus does not return to Walnut Creek BART.

Alamo Creek Shuttle history and status

Property owners in the Alamo Creek, Monterosso, and Ponderosa Colony subdivisions pay a traffic mitigation fee through their property taxes to fund transit service.  The fee was established by the County as a condition of development.  On Monday, January 27th, 2018 County Connection kicked off a demonstration service – called the Alamo Creek Shuttle – which runs between the three developments and the Walnut Creek BART station.  The service is fully funded by the fees collected by the property owners.

The advance reservation service will operate Monday through Friday during commute periods, making three AM and three PM trips. Shuttles will stop at the Danville Park ‘n Ride on request, and may stop within a corridor along Camino Tassajara and I-680 if time permits.