2020/2021 School Schedules – County Connection

2020/2021 School Schedules

Due to COVID-19, 600-series school route schedules are subject to change. Check this page regularly for updates.

Last updated: 8/3/2020

600-series routes will not operate while schools are closed

600-series school routes will not operate until schools reopen for in-person instruction. Please visit the school district websites below for updates.

Summary of Changes

Schedule times on most routes have been adjusted due to bell time changes or to improve on-time performance. In addition, the following routes have been modified:

  • Route 612: Rerouted from Ayers/Kirker Pass to Clayton Rd
  • Route 614: Eliminated (alternate service on Route 612)
  • Route 635: Removed route segment along Camino Tassajara

2020/2021 Schedules