BART Transbay Service – Part II – County Connection

BART Transbay Service – Part II

Once again, BART will not provide transbay train service between West Oakland and Embarcadero stations during three-day Labor Day weekend, September 5-7, in order to perform critical maintenance work near the Transbay Tube. In addition, the West Oakland BART Station will be closed during the maintenance work.

BART will offer lifeline bus service between 19th Street in Oakland and the
Temporary Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, but the buses are intended
only for those who have no other options. The buses will carry customers
from 19th Street Station in Oakland to the Temporary Transbay Terminal in
San Francisco (a 2 block walk to the Embarcadero Station) or from there
back to the East Bay.  There will be no additional charge for the bus. 

Please plan ahead, use alternate forms of transportation, and avoid unnecessary transbay trips.

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