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Bus Stop Improvements Underway

Clayton - Fry WayNew Shelters Are On The Way

County Connection is making improvements to many bus stops throughout the service area, made possible with a combination of state and federal funds for capital projects. Agency planning staff developed an improvement program and identified a priority list  based on both compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and high ridership volume.

The bus stop access improvement program will focus on upgrading shelters so they have solar lighting, improving ADA accessibility, improving pathways and access to bus stops, and providing real time signage as well as other passenger amenities.

County Connection bus stops are located in the public right of way and therefor decisions about improvements are being coordinated with the local jurisdictions involved. The first round of improvements will be to upgrade old shelters with solar lighted shelters in the cities of Concord and Pleasant Hill.  A demonstration program for solar powered signs that show arrival times will be implemented this year as well.


5 thoughts on “Bus Stop Improvements Underway

  • I wish there could be a bus shelter on Marsh Drive near the mobile home parks. Nothing but mud to stand in on a rainy day! There are so many seniors and disabled persons who could benefit from this.

    • I understand. We’ll have to coordinate with the County to have improvements made on these stops. This phase for funding focused on heaviest used stops.

  • Any plans to make them no smoking? It is very unpleasant to have someone smoking in one when using it to wait for a bus.

    • There are regulations in place regarding smoking in public places. However County Connection has no enforcement authority, beyond asking those at bus stops to exercise courtesy and abide by local ordinances.

      • Put up a sign requesting no smoking out of courtesy but not implying enforcement? The no smoking in public places local ordinances are a bit of a patchwork with a lot of places not protected.

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