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Bus Stops at WC BART Return To Pre-construction Locations

Walnut-Creek-BARTBus stop locations for routes 1, 4, 301, and 601 will return to their regular locations. These stops were temporarily relocated during construction at the heavily used BART station.


13 thoughts on “Bus Stops at WC BART Return To Pre-construction Locations

  • I can’t read the map, either on my 17″ laptop or when I print it out. Can you make the map larger?

  • The above is when I’ve expanded the map to 130% of size, the largest size I can expand to.

  • Even when I expand it to the maximum of 400% on my printer, the image is too blurred to read.

    • Sorry Ralph, it’s a bad image to begin with, and converting the original pdf to a jgeg just makes it worse. I’ll email a large version.

      • Thanks, Mary. On another subject; The Free Mid-day Route 5, leaving WC BART at 10:38, 11:23, 12:53, 1:38, and 2:23 leave within 8 minutes of the Route 21. Can either of these Routes Schedules be adjusted at the December revise? This will be the last revise before construction starts on the WC Transit Village.

  • I inspected the new bus stop locations for Route 4 and Routes 1, 301, and 601 this morning. The shelters are similar to those at Pleasant Hill / Contra Costa Center, except there is no arm on the bench. The arm prevents homeless from sleeping on the benches. As WC BART is a much more heavily used than PH BART, I would hope the WC BART shelters will have larger benches with arms.

  • Tomorrow is Labor Day. There’s Sunday service for every public transit agency in the East Bay except County Connection. The other transit agencies consider public transit to be an essential service.

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